About the CorpGoth

By day, I'm a high-tech web content manager, and by night I'm the Gothic Martha Stewart. On weekends, I travel back to the 16th and 18th centuries to be an aristocrat. A couple times a year, I travel around the world with my darling husband. We live in a Silicon Valley bungalow with three adorable kitties.

Does Your Blog Accept Advertising?

Yes, as a matter of fact, This Is CorpGoth has generic Google ads already, but I'd prefer to feature ads for brands and products that I can personally support. What this means is that I'm most open to advertising from gothic businesses that are mainstream-friendly and mainstream businesses that are goth-friendly.

The products I can feature on the blog must be things I would naturally wear to work or use in my home. That means no gothic clubwear or fetish gear and no pastels, neons, or hipster wear. I would LOVE to showcase brands with an edgy or retro style of officewear or more mature gothic and baroque appeal for everyday wear or home decor, for starters. Take note of the labels I list on my daily outfits: I frequently shop at Macy's, Target, and Old Navy, accessorized with items from Etsy and vintage from eBay or DIY items.

I'm also open to product sponsorships, and a perfect example is the eShakti sponsored post I did in July 2014.

My readers generally self-identify as goths, and most are female. I get comments from office workers, stay-at-home moms, university students, and small business owners. If your brand or products would appeal to both me and this audience, let's talk.

How Can I Contact the CorpGoth?

You can email me, Trystan L. Bass, at corpgoth(at)trystancraft(dot)com. If you're contacting me about advertising, please include "CorpGoth ads" in the subject line of your email so I don't miss it, thanks. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. i stumbled upon your blog randomly, and i love it! i work for a major entertainment corporation, and while we don't have a strict dress code i still like to look presentable while at the same time maintaining a sense of diversity. i look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Great blog! Keep inspiring me on how to dress goth at work (I am a teacher)! Mirjam. PS: keep me on your blog list for the next articles pinkmirjam@hotmail.fr, thank you!

  3. I'm glad someone is keeping it 'goth' real - keep posting them pics. I change up my look by wigs and hairbands from time to time. Think you'd ever go that route - it's fun to keep the norms guessing :)

  4. Just discovered you via OffBeat Home and feeling encouraged that I can tread the line between weird and wonderufl me and corporate-friendly!

    How do I subscribe to the blog?

    Many thanks

  5. I accidentally found your website while researching the CorpGoth on Gothic Charm School and Google. Recently just landed a position as a preschool aide, and I still want to keep my gothy/ spooky personality and style. But I also want to dress as modest as possible for the environment that I will be working in daily. Your blog is full of advice and ideas....please keep inspiring!

    Many thanks,
    A Preschool Aide