Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Whoa, What Happened There?

Sorry for dropping off the face of the blogosphere, folks! No ulterior motive or explanation other than Frock Flicks has eaten my free time, and I like it. If you're going to have a second, unpaid job, you could do worse than be editor-in-chief of a pop culture mega-site co-run with your two best friends. Maybe someday, we'll earn enough to pay off our massive webhosting fees and earn back what we've sunk in podcasting equipment and promo gear! A girl can dream.

I'm still working in a coal mine corporate-style office and wearing appropriately CorpGoth outfits. But I only have a few photos to share. Not sure that I'll be able to get back into that daily routine of outfit-blogging. Keeping it up for nearly 5 years has been amazing, and while I don't know that I'll go back to it, I certainly won't ditch it. For now, here's some links that might be of interest...

Still Weird Zine featured me in November 2015 as one of 10 fabulous fashion bloggers who are keeping it weird (after 40), along with the truly fab Meagan of Coffin Kitsch.

My husband found this article from the Miami New Times that properly credits me with creating the term TropiGoth, which has since entered Urban Dictionary. However, the newspaper's photos are a far cry from my original style.

The Black Rose UK sent this lovely list of the 'ultimate guide' to gothic fashion icons -- worth a look to see how you'd rank your faves and if there's any they missed!

And on my own Frock Flicks, during our recent Snark Week, I took a cheeky look at gothic historical fashion in film. Check it out and let me know what you think.

What I'm wearing: Black T-shirt, Target | Black & white knit double-breasted jacket, Marshalls | Pink skirt, NY & Company | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black flats, Zappos | Skull necklace & skull earrings, random accessory store | Pink & black bag, gift from my mom

Monday, October 26, 2015

13 for Halloween

Seen around in a few places...

1. Favorite Halloween song? 
"Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo -- Going to a party where no-one's still alive. 

2. Witch or Vampire? 
Vampire. Always. And, everybody repeat after me: Real Vampires Do Not Sparkle. Thankyouverymuch.

3. Favorite thing about Halloween? 
All of it? If just one thing, then finding extra-cool spooky-yet-classy things to add to my home decor.

4. Halloween party or scary movie marathon?
PARTY. Costume party, mandatory.

5. Skeletons or Zombies? 
Skeletons. The bones are so elegant and sculptural. I don't get zombies. They're dumb -- that's why they need to eat brains.

6. Favorite Halloween candy? 
Fun-size Hershey bars.

7. Favorite Halloween movie? 
The Nightmare Before Christmas.

8. Favorite Halloween costume? 
I've done a lot of good ones, but I have a strange fondness for Marilyn Monroe.

9. Favorite Halloween store? 
 Changes each year, but I usually love Pottery Barn's collection.

10. Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no?
I actually prefer uncut, whole pumpkins. They look so pretty. I love a mix of sizes and colors, including white pumpkins.

11. Bats or Black Cats? 
Both! I love bat decorations, but I love my little black cat Bellatrix most of all.

12. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? 

13. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?
Pumpkin spice latte, please :)

What I'm wearing:
Grey sheath dress, Target
Black & white cardigan, White House | Black Market
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Purple suede pumps, Aerosoles
Purple crystal choker, gift from Lisa
Purple painted-bat earrings, local artist
Gunmetal beaded headband, random accessory store

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Homework Assignment: October!

I'm back! Well, I'm trying for one post, anyway, because The Professor has a really good homework assignment. She says "show us what you love about this time of year," and of course, I love so much about October and fall that I had to come back to this blog to share. (I haven't been offline, though, oh no, I'm blogging up a storm at Frock Flicks, which is why I don't have time to blog here, sorry!).

October in Northern California is a tricksy thing. We may still be having Indian Summer, or as some folks call it, Earthquake Weather (which is a myth, but when the '89 Loma Prieta Quake struck on October 17, the day was bright and sunny). Or we might have delightful crisp fall days. It's a real crapshoot. The weather may swing between the two, and you won't get any notice. So while I *want* to wear sweaters and tall boots every day, it's a better idea to wear layers that I can strip off if the afternoon is sticky hot.

I do loves me a pumpkin spice latte, and if anyone calls me a basic bitch, I will smack them upside the head. I've always loved pumpkin flavors, real and imaginary. It's weird because my mom isn't a fan, so I didn't grow up eating much pumpkin. Sadly, my husband doesn't like pumpkin either, so I can't make or get a pumpkin pie or pumpkin curry at home unless I want to eat it all myself. So mostly, I enjoy the lattes and random pumpkin dishes at restaurants. And decorating with pumpkins too!

Of course, I love all things Halloween, whether or not we're hosting a party (which would be the Famous Dead Person's Ball, an event we do every couple of years). This year, we're trying to renovate our bathroom, so no party here, and the invites are starting to roll in. Not sure what I'll be doing on All Hallow's Eve, but there better be a costume involved :)

What do you love about this time of year?

What I'm Wearing:
Black piped jacket, Spiegel
Black T-shirt, Target
Black & white spiderweb skirt, made by me
Black tights, Haynes
Black cutout leather flats, Zappos
Black, silver, & rhinestone choker necklace, random accessory store
Gunmetal skull earrings, Walgreens
Prada bifocals

Monday, July 20, 2015

Did I Mention Stripes?

Yep, more stripes. I'm a stripes junkie!

I bought a few new things for my wardrobe, thanks to the new job, and almost all them are stripey. So there you go.

What I'm wearing: Black & white stripe knit top, H&M | Black skirt, NY & Company | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Silver grey wedges, Anne Klein | Black & pink crystal dangly earrings, random accessory store | Pink skull necklace, gift from Elisa

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stripes, That's All I Got

I just have to admit that stripes have taken over half my wardrobe. It's beyond obsession, it's a way of life. I see work-appropriate clothing in black and white stripe, I buy it. No control. No regrets.

This is another White House | Black Market item. Irresistible. The neckline is very strappy (and you can barely see in the picture, but it's bejeweled), which I thought might not be quite right for work. But add a cardigan -- usually necessary for the air-conditioned office -- and this is perfect. Plus, it's a nice, thick knit, so it's comfortable for work too.

What I'm wearing: Black & white stripe knit dress, White House  Black Market | Burgundy peplum sweater, Anthropologie | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Burgundy suede cutout pumps, Soffit | Silver skull earrings, random accessory store

Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm Melllllllllting

It's officially summer, & I'm officially hot. This is impacting my ability to get stuff done outside of work (aka, blogging) because when I get home, I just want to flop about. We don't have AC at home, and usually don't need it, except recently we've had a run of 80 to 90 degree days. Blerg.

Add on top of this the annual CoCo Panic, meaning, this is the month before Costume College. I'm frantically trying to finish costumes (primarily my gown for the Saturday night dinner-dance known as the Gala, the one big, pull-out-all-the-stops dress-up event of the conference) and work on the three classes I'm teaching. Oh, and Frock Flicks is doing a special event, which I need to write stuff for and promote in advance.

Yeah, if I'm not melting from the heat, I'm freaking out over these projects. Plus my new job, which is great, is also keeping me super busy and doesn't have much downtime during the day. Eeek!

How's your summer going?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Five CorpGoth Interview Tips

In the past few years, I've gone on dozens of interviews as I've searched for my ideal job. What to wear to an interview is always a consideration -- not as crucial as writing the perfect resume and cover letter or making a great impression during the phonescreen and in the interview itself, but how you look will be part of that first impression, so it does matter, there's no denying it.

For goths and others with non-mainstream appearances, we have to ride the line between self-expression and fitting in to the desired job's requirements and company culture. The potential employer has to be able to see you as someone who already works there, and anything that distracts, whether in your CV or your fashion, is not a helpful.

You'll probably want to tone down the overall goth effect, but you shouldn't have to hide your true self entirely either. How you balance this will depend on what kind of job you're applying for, what industry you're working in, and how advanced you are in your career. But in my experience, these few tips may help...

1. Research the employer to find out what's appropriate. In Silicon Valley, most companies are business casual, but industries like finance and law will tend to be more conservative and (literally) buttoned-up. Retail jobs will vary wildly, and academic positions can have their own very specific cultures. Big corporations may have information on their websites that give ideas about what it's like to work there, and you get a lot of insider info about tech companies on Glassdoor.com. Ask around, online and off. Be prepared! You don't want to be wearing suits when nobody wears suits or vice versa.

2. Reconsider all black. Yes, wearing all black is often a safe bet for goths, but it can appear too goth, too dark, too morbid for first appearances. Remember the Gothic Color Theory, and break up black with one other dark color or white. Or try a pattern like stripes. Mixing it up and avoiding all black can make you look more approachable and friendly in an interview.

3. Have one (but just one) personal trademark. Is your hair hot pink? Do you have full sleeve tattoos? If you have something permanent and visible, that's going to be your trademark, the visual cue people will remember from your interview. Try not to clutter up your style with anything else. Otherwise, pick one thing -- such as a great piece of jewelry or killer boots -- and let that be your trademark.

4. Dress one notch more formally for casual workplaces. Particularly with places like retail and high-tech, where it looks like everyone is dressed super casually, you may want to start off by interviewing just a smidge more dressy than what is standard on the job. Don't go super-formal, just a touch more. So if everyone is wearing jeans, wear trousers or a skirt, for example.

5. Remember that shoes and bags matter. You don't need to spit-polish your boots or carry a designer bag, just pay attention to your accessories. Having a cohesive, polished head-to-toe look will help give a professional first impression, gothic or not. Shine up an nasty scuffs on those pointy-toe boots, and swap out a simple tote bag instead of a backpack. You'll inevitably need to grab a copy of your CV out of that bag, so it should look as presentable as the rest of you.

In interviews for jobs I've gotten, I've talked about sewing historical costumes, and interviewers have complimented me on my bat necklace and skull earrings. I do let my freak flag fly, but subtly, and after I've gotten my foot in the door. Besides, if any potential employer Googles me, they'll find this blog and my costume website, so it's not like I can hide anyway!

What I'm wearing: Black cardigan, Macy's | Purple T-shirt, Target | Grey striped skirt, Nordstroms | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black flats, Aerosoles | Grey beaded necklace, gift from a friend | Onyx skull earrings, local artist