Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Wondering: Teach Your Children Well

Prompt: What's the most important thing your parents or guardians taught you as a child?
Self-reliance. Independence. My mother was a single mom, and both directly and through example, she taught me to be independent and to take care of myself. Whether it was something as simple as doing the laundry or as complicated as finding a paying job, if I asked her "how do I do this?" her first reaction would be "have you tried? did you take a look for yourself?" She'd give me help and instructions, but she would not do it for me. She taught me to figure things out for myself and not rely on someone else. This is the single most valuable ability I gained growing up. I may not be able to do everything for myself, but I can try.

She also taught me to sew, which is pretty cool :) Not as important on a day-to-day basis, but it got me into costuming, through which I've made many great friends. My mom is awesome, and I learned a lot from her!

Questions culled from the discontinued Writer's Block feature on LiveJournal.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

From Lingerie to Utility Devices

I feel like there's a certain point, probably age 40, when I officially joined the Old Lady Club. I needed new bras, and let me tell you young 'uns, buying bras when you're older is not half so entertaining as buying them when you're all cute and perky. Lordy, the only thing "perky" about me these days is that I wear a fair amount of pink and sometimes don a tiara when downing Cosmos.

Luckily, Macy's had a big sale: Buy two of most major brands and get two free. Score! I've resigned myself to going to the big department stores in order to acquire the amount of integrity I need in my lingerie. Victoria's Secret won't do it either -- those are just party bras. My husband occasionally gives me a gift certificate for there, and I'll buy some bras which fit but are simply not everyday wear.

I have to admit that the most comfortable bra I found at Macy's had the slightly depressing tag that read, in big, bold letters: "age-defying lift." Thanks for the reminder. And all the ones I found that fit and did anything complimentary were, uh, hard-shell bras. I couldn't find a single soft-sided bra in my size.

When I was a kid, one of my chores was to sort & fold everyone's laundry in the house. I remember looking at my mom's bras & wondering why they had those wires & padding. Not like "uplift" padding (this was the '70s, waaaaay before the WonderBra era), just the "full-coverage" padding. I figured I'd never wear stuff like that. Yet here I am. I think it's just what happens *shrug*

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Three Positive Things for Monday

Spread the love -- write out three positive things right now. No judging, don't think too hard about it...

For me

1. My husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this weekend! We had a wonderful time together, just what we wanted.

2. Our three kittens turned nine months old, but they're still just little adorable babies.

3. I got a great manicure and pedicure (first one of spring/summer season) after this photo.

What's up with you?

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Five: Dream Wedding

1. If you were getting married tomorrow (or renewing your vows!), who would be in your wedding party?
I couldn't help but doing this one, since my sweetie and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this week! You can see pix from our wedding here. If I did it over again today or did a vow renewal, I'd want to include my BFFs Kendra and Sarah for sure, and probably a lot of my original wedding party too, just all in different roles.

2. Where would you get married?
It's a dream wedding, so how about Venetian carnevale! At a private, historical palazzo with a masked ball theme, all in costume, a mix of 18th century and 16th century with gothic overtones, and candlelit for sure.

3. What song would be played for your first dance?
"Somebody" by Depeche Mode. That's what I wanted the first time, but my husband had to go and write a song (because he's adorable like that).

4. What would be your wedding colours?
This, I'd do the same: black and burgundy.

5. Where would you go on your honeymoon?
We'd already be in Venice, Italy, so that'd be the wedding and honeymoon combined! With all our friends and family. 

Questions culled from The Friday Five on LiveJournal.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

With or Without Makeup

So I posted about why I love lipstick, but what about going without makeup? While pretty much every picture on my blog shows me wearing some makeup, I don't actually wear makeup every day. But I used to.

For most of my life, since I was a teenager, I used to not go out of the house without lipstick. Just that though, not necessarily other makeup. I had to wear my lipstick -- dark or bright, something that shows (no wussy little tinted lip balm for me, lol!).

But in the last couple years or so, I've gotten a bit lax. I'll go to the grocery store or drug store or other quick errand without lipstick. Maybe around turning 40 is when this laid-back attitude started. But it's only for those kind of errands. I still prefer to wear lipstick any other time I go out and  also when people visit me at home (but I don't care if it's just me and my husband at home).

All thru chemo and radiation for breast cancer, I made a point of wearing lipstick (also earrings) to doctor's appointments and treatments, though that was mostly to balance the fact that I was bald and felt like crap and was probably wearing yoga pants and baggy T-shirts since I felt so crappy.

But I had my dark lipstick! It was the one last remnant of femininity and beauty and non-cancer-y thing left, and I clung to it ferociously.

Do you wear makeup every day? Do you leave the house without makeup?

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Monday, March 16, 2015

CorpGoth Status Report: Lunch Time

This month's Status Report is about lunch! What is your weekday lunchtime like? What do you eat? Where? Solo or with others? Share a little bit about your lunch break...

I have a stealth motive here. See, my lunch is really boring. I'm rushed in the mornings, so I grab a Lean Cuisine (or similar frozen meal), and call it done. I eat lunch in front of my computer, leaving 20 to 30 minutes for the break total, including food prep time.

The only nice part is that, at every office I've worked, I try to bring my own reusable utensils and a cloth napkin. This is mostly to lessen the garbage generated (it's bad enough that I'm eating packaged food most days), and also to fancy up the meal a tiny bit. I have a bamboo-wood utensil set I bought at an environmental fair years ago, and I bought this napkin at the thrift store to test fabric stamp decorations on.

What I'd love to hear about is your lunches -- do you make your own meals? Do you have any tips for quick, relatively healthy lunches to go? I'm looking for ideas! Share what works for you. And even if you're like me on the easy lunch, or you have access to a cafeteria or someone else makes lunches for you, join in.

Tell about your weekday lunch routine in this CorpGoth Status Report through Wednesday, March 18. Post on your blog, and include the link in the comments.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Love Lipstick

I freakin' love lipstick. It can be pretty, sexy, exotic, refined, hardcore, mysterious, elegant, outrageous, all kinds of things, and just with a couple of easy swipes.

Whether $5 at the drugstore or $30 at Sephora, it's a bargain considering how much bang it packs.

So many colors and effects, all drawing attention to the part of you through which your brain is most obvious: your mouth. I make my words carry extra weight by underlining them and giving them an exclamation point with lipstick.

Do you wear lipstick?

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