Friday, January 27, 2012

Morning Maintenance

It was just one of those days ... I put on this dress & the jacket, then I looked in the mirror & realized that the dress was totally wrinkled. Omg, must iron! I couldn't go out the door (much the less take photos) with the dress all crinkled up. So I took off the jacket & dress & ironed the dress. Put it all back on & realized that the jacket was covered in cat hair. Ugh. Took off the jacket & used the lint roller on it. Put it back on. Finally done! Felt like I got undressed a million times just to get finished once.

What I'm wearing:
Purple print duro dress, April Cornell | Black piped jacket, Spiegel |  Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black lace-up, spool-heel boots, Target | Silver medallion necklace, vintage Avon | Silver hoop earrings, random accessory store | Silver & faux-ruby ring, gift from Sarah

How long does it take you to get out the door in the mornings?


  1. I love those boots, they look way more expensive than target. It takes me about five minutes to get dressed, everything is put away where I can just grab it. I never, ever iron - I hang all my wrinkleables in my closet which keeps them relatively wrinkle free. If something requires ironing, it wouldn't get worn much.

  2. Some mornings... up to 2 hours. Usually I spend the first hour I'm awake laying in bed going "aaaagh" and looking at the internet, then showering, then dithering over my closet. Sometimes I get dressed and re-dressed about 3 times because I haven't planned out my clothes so I don't know what works until I put an outfit on and find that it doesn't. Sigh. Oh, and there's coffee and breakfast in there too.

  3. I'm going to cry when these boots finally fall apart!

    Some cotton items insist on wrinkling no matter what -- had it happen again today with a cotton-blend sweater. Pulled it out of the drawer & there were big wrinkles across the front. Had to steam it, ugh.

  4. LOL! I try for 30 min, but if I counted the dithering in bed while I fight the cats' determination to keep me asleep, that'd be another 30 min. most days ;-)

  5. Ooo! You look nice, I especially love that necklace and the boots. The boots look lovely, I'm surprised they came from a mainstream place like Target - they look like they should be from a subcultural specialist.

    It takes me a lot longer to get dressed on a non-work day than a work day. Currently unemployed as I was recently made redundant, but I would get my outfits together the night before with work outfits so I could be on auto-pilot because with a commute to the city ahead of me, spending ages getting ready would mean getting up even earlier and I am not a Morning Person, but I'm a very alert Evening Person. When I'm doing voluntary conservation work the starts are even earlier as it usually involves hopping onto the minibus and being ferried into the mountains, and clothes for that sort of thing are strictly practical. I manage mostly black, but Goth doesn't really come into it, not freezing to death in Glen Afric does. Another reason is that on non-work-days, my own-time outfits are elaborate and layers of petticoats, skirts, corset, blouses (especially ones with lace sleeves) button-up everything, tights, long socks, over-complicated boots, etc. simply takes a while to get on as I don't want to accidentally tear some lace or snag anything while getting ready, and then once I'm that elaborately dressed, I feel compelled to have matching hair and makeup, which takes a while in and of itself.