Friday, September 6, 2013

Three Recommended Reads

I'm slowly recovering from chemo round 1 of 4 (it wasn't fun, but I'm sure it could have been worse). Didn't go into the office this week, so no outfits. But I've been reading blogs & such when I have the brain power. Here are three that really stood out:

The Cost of Handmade, Revisited -- Victoria breaks down why her gorgeous, highly decorated parasols cost what they do. Handmade items on Etsy, Artfire, & elsewhere may seem like a budget option, but remember that sometimes there really is an individual artisan behind the work. Materials & labor add up fast.

How Learning to Sew Transformed My Fashion Self Confidence -- Lilli overcomes size-ism by making clothes in her own shape & size, not some arbitrary number. Sewing a few clothing items yourself may take time, but it can be empowering.

10 DIY Halloween Decorations Made With Flameless Candles -- Old Fashion Halloween found this awesome tutorial for turning things like dental X-rays or old stockings into spooky cool lighting.

Jove Decadent by Ramon Casas, Wikimedia

Happy reading! And thanks for all your words of encouragement during my treatment. I *really really* appreciate it :)

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