Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pixie Points & Different Levels Work-Appropriate Gothyness

In such a rush this morning, hoping one of these photos turns out...

What I'm wearing:
Black handkerchief-hem tunic, custom-made by Donna of Original Sin Designs
Black leggings, Newport News
Black pointy, kitten-heel boots, Baker's
Black & white stripey knit scarf, H&M
Black & white stripey ball earrings, Kohl's
Silver skull-bead necklace, Disneyland (near Pirates of the Caribbean, natch)
Black & white beaded cuff bracelet, bought in Kauai

All black & white, all very comfy, maybe a little too goth for the office (I'd totally wear this on a weekend!), but then again, I knew I wouldn't have any meetings today. Just sittin' behind the computer all Wednesday, gettin' stuff done.

I'd wear this to a meeting with people I know, like a staff meeting, but not with anyone new that I need to convince to use my work & do things the way I want them to (a situation that happens a lot in my giganto company).  For that, I'd be a bit more subdued, a skirt & top, not leggings, maybe these boots, if they were with trousers, for some examples.

Do you sometimes wear things that you think are not quite office-appropriate? When is it ok to bend your own rules (provided you're not breaking official company rules, if they exist)? When do you avoid going out on a fashion limb at work?


  1. I do get more brave when I know I'll just be behind my desk all day (like today for example! lol); my office is very secluded, so that helps. There aren't really any company rules that limit my Gothiness - my rules are all self-imposed anyway but that's just how I'm usually most comfortable at work.

    I love that outfit; so glad you went a little extra Gothy for work today! :)

  2. I love that top so much.

    I almost always wear whatever I want. If I feel like getting ridiculous I go ahead and do it. I've had the same job for a long time and a LOT of look so my coworkers are used to it by now and generally amused.

  3. I had one day that I completely forgot that we had some senior people from Crown Solicitors coming in to give a presentation on recent court matters they'd handled for us. It was Friday which is casual day at my work, but I would not have dressed casually if I'd remembered the presentation. I felt terrible when I looked around the room & realised that almost everyone else at the presentation was also dressed casually, while the 3 from Crown Sols all had business attire on. We looked like a bunch of slobs, not a professional organisation.

    I've never made that mistake again, but I think most people at my organisation think casual Friday is their right no matter what they have scheduled for the day.

  4. My office doesn't have a dress code, so I can get away with a lot. I've even been encouraged to wear my skeleton Docs by my coworkers. Still, my job is sometimes client facing, so I'd never dye my hair bright blue or anything. Even in the office in general I'm wary about busting out anything too extreme like fishnets or anything. I can get away with piercings and pretty much whatever I want to wear though, and I never feel stifled about my wardrobe at work!

    Love the tunic!

  5. I get away with outre clothes in the summer, because I usually don't teach any classes. whatever I wear has to be field- or lab- appropriate, though, so no sandals. During the fall & spring I sometimes wear a shirt or jacket with corset lacing, and that sometimes feels a little iffy.

  6. VictorianKitty - Yep, if I'm behind the desk, anything goes!

    Shannon - On days when I have to give presentations/training (which happens every other month) or meetings w/new internal clients (which could be any time), I definitely dress to impress.

    Toria - Oh my! That sounds like it wasn't fun.

    Becky - All my clients are internal, so it's pretty casual, but it's sometimes like sales. I have to convince ppl to do what I want them to do, which is easier in a severe dark jacket than frills ;-)

    LovleAnjel - Oh yes, teaching is always a dress-up occasion to me!

  7. I'm so glad I picked that fabric and that pattern for you. Spot on, and looks wonderful on you. You are a virtuoso with accessories & coordinating things. I need a teleportation device so I can take in-person lessons from you. :)



  8. angldst - Awww, you're flattering me ;-) I love this top to pieces. And I have pix on the camera of the b/w paisley skirt in an outfit too!

  9. Love the scarf. I'm am constantly trying to figure out the delicate balance or being professional and expressing myself. I tend to play it very safe when meeting with clients or going to court. But I still try to have at least one thing, no matter how subtle, that is "me."

    This topic always reminds me of a quote by Maureen Dowd --

    "Sometimes the thing that’s weird about you is the thing that’s cool about you. When you’re young, and even at times when you’re older, it’s hard to fathom this: What needs to be nurtured is the stuff that’s different, that sets you apart from the pack, rather than the stuff that helps you blend in."

    Great post.

  10. Siouxsie - That is a fantastic quote! Thanks.