Monday, June 13, 2011

Big Box of Awesome From Lisa

I've been slowly working new-to-me clothes into my wardrobe in the past couple weeks, because I received a bunch of fabulous garments from a dear friend. Lisa was moving across the country & clearing out her closet, so she gifted me with a surprise selection from her wardrobe.

Now, I knew she has excellent taste & that we shop at many of the same places in person & online. But I was utterly gob-smacked when I opened the box (actually, two boxes) to reveal item after item that was so perfectly right for me, plus fit me just about ideally. There were sweaters, jackets, skirts, & dresses in superb CorpGoth style, & the only reason I'm not wearing more of them is due to summer warmth.

I do feel incredibly lucky to know such a generous & thoughtful friend. I'll just have to figure out some way to repay her in kind...

What I'm wearing:
Amethyst short-sleeve wrap sweater with flowers, LaRedoute
Black T-shirt, Target
Amethyst satin bias-cut skirt, Newport News
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black ribbon-tie pumps, Clarks
Purple crystal lariat necklace & matching earrings, random accessory store

Do you swap, trade, or barter clothes with friends? I love to, even with friends online. That's how I get some of my best stuff :-)


  1. These colors are a bit unexpected but they are so perfectly awesome!! This is now one of my favorite outfits from your whole blog.

    Funny enough, I was just contemplating my long Daytime Satin skirts from Spiegel tonight, trying to figure out how to make them not-too-fancy-for-work. Now I'm thinking maybe I will shorten one of them a few inches, because I *love* how that length looks in the satin skirt you are wearing.

    I sure wish I had a Lisa in my life!!! :)

  2. You look so nice in that color!!

  3. Awesome! I like the color combination you have going on here and the skirt is beautiful. I have one friend who is close in size but the total opposite shape (I'm a pear, she's an apple). We trade clothes sometimes because something will look better on the opposite body type. However, our styles aren't very similar and we don't wear the same colors, so I'm starting to trickle off on the trading clothes thing.

  4. That purple is awesome.

    I have few friends in my size, and none of them are my style, sadly.