Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pink With Spiderwebs

This combo is nothing new for me -- I've always been a huge fan of hot pink with black. Today I just felt like going big with lots of bold accessories. I also thought, hey, if I have to get a disease, at least I got one with an awareness campaign color I like :)

Interesting reaction at work, this was the first time I wore spiderweb tights & coworkers loved them. I keep forgetting that I've only been at this job less than a year, so they aren't used to my CorpGoth style. Everything is fresh & fascinating to them. It's fun to see how they react to little things like a bat necklace worn when I was giving a presentation or stripey dresses or these tights.

What I'm wearing:
Hot pink ruffle-front sleeveless top, Newport News | Black straight skirt, NY & Company | Black spiderweb tights, unknown brand | Pink & black pumps, Irregular Choice, bought in London | Black beaded waterfall necklace, random accessory store | Black roses cocktail ring, random accessory store | Jet crystal hoop earrings, random accessory store

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