Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 & 6

Dainty Dramatist Heel by ModCloth
These two links are totally different, but I want to share them anyway.

First, the super cool U.K. gothic clothing shop & blog Gothic Angel had a roundup of the 10 best gothic websites, & they included me! And I'm in good company with Sophistique Noir, Gothic Charm School, & Dark Side of the Net. True confession: I'm old friends with the proprietors of the later two sites, we know each other from way back when on usenet on alt.gothic.fashion & hung out together at net.goth Convergence gatherings. They're awesome people & do fabulous work!

Changing tone, I ran across this link on Facebook: 6 things you must have to have a perfect body. Wait for it ... this isn't what you might think. This article is a pretty clever subversion of the usual "perfect body" BS. Love this one.

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