Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday MemeDay: Makeup & Fashion Fun

01. Do you have on a lot of make-up?
Just my usual, lipstick & eyeliner.

02. How much do you put on?
I usually wear Nars black eyeliner & some kind of dark red-brown or burgundy lipstick (tho' today it's pink to match my skirt & also my hair).

03. How long does it take you to get ready?
30 minutes most workdays. I hate to get up early, so I've streamlined my process. I also tend to lay out, or at least plan, my day's wardrobe the night before.

04. Do you put on a lot of lipgloss?
Eww, no. I hate lipgloss. Feels icky. I'm a matte lippie gal.

05. Can you apply mascara without opening your mouth?
Dunno, I don't wear mascara very often. My lashes are naturally long.

06. Do you wear a lot of eyeliner?
Define "a lot." I do loves me some eyeliner.

07. Do you like to wear nail polish?
Yes, & toenail polish in summer. But I'm too sloppy to do it myself anymore.

08. How often do you get your nails done?
Maybe a couple times a year. I'm too lazy to make an appointment.

09. Do you like manicures?
Yes, LOVE them, but see above re: lazy.

10. What about pedicures?
Ditto. Love them even more than manicures! I can never clip my own toenails as nicely as someone else can.

11. Do you have a usual nail salon you go to?
No. See above.

12. Do you get your eyebrows done?
Ye gods yes. So glad a friend mentioned that this was an option for me because my brows are naturally HUGE yet I always sucked at trying to shape them myself.

13. Where do you get your hair cut?
I only get my hair cut about once a year, last time (pre-chemo) was at a salon in Campbell by a guy I went to high school with.

14. Do you dye your hair?
Yes. Hasn't been its natural color since I was 14.

15. Do you straighten your hair?
No, why would I? The damn stuff is too straight already.

16. Do you carry a purse?
Yes. I'm a cliche girl like that.

17. What color is it?
Black as my soul.

18. How many purses do you have?
About 5? Not sure. I only use one bag for long stretches at a time.

19. Do you have lots of pairs of shoes?
Um, yes. Last count was around 80.

20. What are your favorite shoes?
Currently, I love my American Duchess Stratfords most!

21. Do you wear heels everywhere?
Not everywhere. But lots of places.

22. Can you walk in heels and not fall over?
Yes. Tho' nothing over 3".

23. Do you have a pair of huge sunglasses?
Not huge ones, but my sunglasses are somewhat large.

24. How many pairs of earrings do you have?
Dozens. Not enough.

25. Do you wear hoop earrings?
Yes, of various types. Mid-sized hoops are probably my default style.

26. Do you have a lot of skirts?
Yes. I wear skirts (& dresses) about 5 days out of 7.

27. Where do you buy your clothes?
Everywhere! Macys, Target, Old Navy, the Gap, Forever 21, Hot Topic, Khols, Express, Amazon, thrift stores, eBay, Etsy, I could go on & on.

28. Do you go shopping every week?
There have been times in my life when I did. But not right now.

29. What's your favorite store?
Hard to choose just one. But Amazon is probably my most frequently shopped place.

30. Do you follow fashion trends?
I watch them a little bit. It's entertaining. Sometimes a trend will come along that coincides nicely with what looks good on me. Then I'll snap the stuff up before it goes away again.

What I'm wearing: Black & white floral-print sweater, White House Black Market | Black lace-top T-shirt, H&M | Dark pink skirt, NY & Company | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black perforated D'Orsay flats, Target | Gunmetal skull earrings, random accessory store | Pink & grey pearl necklace, Salamanca Designs

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