Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blogger Meetup: CorpGoth & Victorian Kitty

It's not often I have the chance to meet fellow bloggers, but last month, I was traveling to Costume College, which I guessed was vaguely within reach of Victorian Kitty of the wonderful blog, Sophistique Noir. So I contacted her to ask if she was indeed in the area and had a little time (& inclination!) to meet. Luckily, she did!

We had cocktails at the hotel bar for an hour or so and chatted about blogging, fashion, and cats -- so much talk of fantastic felines (I swear, it's natural, you get two female goths together, and we're going to talk about our cats; same for costumers, actually). It was really nice, and I'm glad for the opportunity.

As you can see from the photo, Ms. Kitty was quite elegantly attired, having come from the office. On the other hand, I'd just spent six hours riding in a van with four other costumers, driving across the state, so I wasn't looking as fancy, heh.

If any fellow bloggers or readers happen to be passing through Silicon Valley, do let me know in advance, and maybe we can meet up too!

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