Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Off With the Wig

About one month before the one-year anniversary of starting chemo (so maybe 6 weeks before the 1st anniversary of my hair actually falling out), I finally stopped wearing a wig to work. I'm not really happy with this short hair, but Silicon Valley was experiencing a heat wave, plus my office's air-conditioning broke. And I just wasn't willing to swelter anymore!

I've always been a long-haired girl. I had some terribly unattractive short haircuts as a kid, and that scared me off. Sure, I shaved half my head in my college punk/hardcore goth days, but I left the other side of my head with long locks for an asymmetrical 'do. I've never wanted a pixie cut, never been tempted by any Vidal Sassoon short styles. Yet here I am, forced into that by cancer. Thanks a lot :-/

Short hair is much harder to style than long hair. Especially my fine hair with quite a bit of curl. It tends to look cow-licky or like crazy chicken feathers, unless I really work at it. I need to experiment more with waxes and pomades. I also need to go to a stylist and get a proper cut and color. It's on my to-do list!

What I'm wearing: Black T-shirt with lace top, H&M | Black & white stripe skirt, Black House White Market | Black slingbacks, Payless Shoe Source | Silver book locket necklace, random accessory store | Silver skull earrings, random accessory store

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