Monday, August 18, 2014

CorpGoth Mid-Month Status Report: Stripes & Plaid (but no Dots)

This month's theme is all about patterns. Some people don't like wearing patterns, and some people aren't comfortable incorporating them into their wardrobes. This is why I think each of these graphical patterns -- stripes, plaids, and dots -- are good ones to start with (ok, not all at once!). A striped skirt or top mixes easily with solid garments in the same colors or even in a contrasting color. A simple plaid (like black & white) goes well with neutrals. And the same with dots, little micro-dots are practically a texture, while going gradually up in scale adds more interest.

Of course, I took a trip to Crazy Town and mixed a stripe with a plaid in this outfit. One way to make this work is to stick with the same colors, in this case, black & white. I also kept to a similar pattern scale, so they look more pulled together. Or maybe they don't -- pattern-mixing is an acquired taste. I don't do it often, because, yeah, it can look pretty nutters.

So which is your favorite, stripes, plaids, or dots? Which are you wearing? Share in the comments below.

What I'm wearing: Black & white stripe silk blouse, made by Donna | Black & white plaid skirt, H&M | Black elastic belt, NY & Company | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Red ankle boots, Aerosoles | Silver medallion earrings, random accessory store

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