Monday, September 1, 2014

Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme: Makeup

I nearly didn't join this theme because I don't do tutorials or anything clever with makeup. But I do love makeup, so I thought it was worth a quick post. Specifically, about my very favorite item of makeup: Lipstick!

I used to be so addicted to lippie that I wouldn't leave the house without wearing any. These days, I'm older and lazier, and I'll go to the grocery store or a doctor's appointment without lipstick. But nowhere else! A touch of lipstick (or, let's face it, full-on dark lipstick) is generally required before I feel acceptable for public appearances.

Lipsticks on my (very messy) dressing table.
Accordingly, I buy a lot of lipsticks. I love them! I'll buy drugstore brands (Revlon Colorstay is an old fave), but I have a special soft spot for Sephora's house brand and can't seem to leave the store without whatever's the newest dark berry or purple shade, even if it's only a teeny bit different than what I have at home. Consequently, I own over 30 lipstick tubes at the moment.

My go-to shade is Chanel's Vamp because it looks great and goes with every outfit, from casual to dressy. I also like to match my lipstick to my outfit, and I have bright red lippies that go with red clothes, pink lippies that go with hot pink clothes, and purple lippies that go with purple clothes. I usually wear a different lipstick each workday, so by the end of the week, I have 4 or 5 lipsticks collected in my purse.

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