Friday, October 31, 2014

The Professor's Homework Assignment: Halloween!

This month's assignment is specifically about Halloween at home -- how you decorate, treats you make, how you spend the holiday with family and friends. So I thought I'd show some scenes from the Halloween party my husband and I have hosted, off and on for the entire time we've known each other. We call it the Famous Dead Person's Ball -- where everyone comes dressed as someone at least marginally famous and at least temporarily dead. I've collected and crafted decorations for decades, and we put things all over the front yard and porch, and all throughout the house. It's a huge production, so we don't do it every year (the last one was in 2012 -- we're due to hold another one soon!).

Here are some views of the decor we've done...

Welcome to the FDPB in 2005
Frank the Skeleton promises a good time!
Our spooky walkway from 2008.
A deadly buffet is laid in 2005.
Candles, cobwebs, & roses on the living room mantle.
In 2010, we didn't have a full party, but we had another couple over for a spooky dinner. I set the table with our best gothic linens and china and made a fall-themed menu.


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