Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday MemeDay: Money in Tens

What would you do if given the following amounts (and using it to pay bills or debts is not an option!):

$1 -- What can you really do with a buck these days? It takes $2 to get a one-way trip on my daily commute, and a latte is at least $3. So I'd probably just put it in my pocket and save it.

$10 -- Buy coffee for me and a friend. Always nice to have a cup and a chat.

$100 -- Oooo, here's where things get interesting. I'd treat myself to a new dress or pair of shoes from my CorpGoth Pinterest board, for sure.

$1,000 -- Plane tickets for me and my sweetie! We could easily go across the country to visit friends or go to Europe and stay with family.

$10,000 -- Remodel our bathroom. OMG, I hate our house's tiny little bathroom. We only have the one, and it's pathetic. This wouldn't be enough for a crazy-mega-awesome redo, but plenty for vital upgrades and some cosmetic touches.

What I'm wearing: Purple knit dress, Land's End | Black skull-print scarf, gift from my husband | Black pot-hole stockings, Target | Silver-grey wedges, Anne Klein | Purple bat-painted earrings, Jewels by Olivia

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