Monday, January 5, 2015

When to Shop, When to Purge

I cross-post my daily outfit blogs to Facebook, where my circle of friends and acquaintances sometimes comment there. A while ago, someone asked, "How often do you shop and how often do you purge the closet?" I gave a quick answer there, but I figured that since that's a very appropriate question for CorpGoth, why not move it over here.

My shopping goes in fits and spurts. I'll buy a ton of stuff for a few months and then buy nothing for a while. I tend to buy new clothes and shoes when something changes and makes me need new things or notice holes in my wardrobe. For example, when my commute changed and I needed more flat shoes for a longer walk from public transportation, I started hunting for appropriate shoes. If I realize I haven't worn button-down shirts but I'm always wearing cardigans, I stop buying button-down shirts and buy a bunch of cardigans. When I have time on my hands, I'll spend more time thrift-shopping, and you never quite know what you'll find there.

As for when I purge, that's a little more predictable. About once a year but on no particular schedule, I spontaneously feel a compulsion to clean out my closet and dressers. I can be fairly ruthless -- anything I haven't worn in a year (other than special-occasion items) is subject to serious review. I try stuff on, I check for needed repairs, I consider if it goes with other stuff in my wardrobe. If I can't justify keeping it, the item goes into the donation pile.

This annual purge may inspire a shopping trip if I throw out things I like because they don't fit or uncover things I haven't worn and love but don't have many of. Not totally likely but it has happened,

How about you -- how often do you shop for clothes and purge your wardrobe?

What I'm wearing: Black and grey stripe sweater, Target | Black skirt, NY & Co. | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black boots, Clark's | Silver skull necklace, random accessory store

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