Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Kind of Classic

I love a sheath dress. It's a classic style that works well on my figure, if I do say so myself. With a slightly high or empire waist & especially with a V neckline, this is the perfect dress shape. Any sleeve option will work, & the length can be to the knee or longer in just about any fabric, color, or print (I mean, colors & prints that I like, of course ;-). I'm always on the lookout for more, which is why I bought this one in three colors, black, grey, & this red.

What I'm wearing:
Red sheath dress, Target
Lace tights, Target
Black slingback pumps, Payless Shoe Source
Black & silver chunky necklace, Target
Silver & garnet poison ring, eBay
Black shell dangly earrings, random accessory store

Is there a particular dress shape you love? Do you buy multiples of it?


  1. Envy! That style suits my figure, too, but the dresses within my price range all end an inch or so above the knee on me. I know I err on the conservative side (in this, and perhaps only this, respect!), but knee-length is what I require for a professional outfit. Sigh.

  2. Particular dress shape? Well, I like fitted styles, and have a predilection for sarong style drapes on skirts, so I've made that style in a few different fabrics. Pencil skirts, I've used the exact same pattern to make at least four skirts thus far...

    As for buying multiples of something? Shoes, if I find a shape that I love and is comfortable, yes, I'll get it in multiple colours, as you well know. ;)

  3. Well, I have to say, keep looking! I literally shop everywhere & don't rule any shop out. Also, consider going a little bit above your price range if you still can't find anything -- sometimes, the less expensive lines cater to more trendy / juniors styling, which can end up with shorter skirts, whereas the more expensive lines are targeted towards more "mature" & professional women who want knee-length dresses. The bonus is that you'll find better quality materials & tailoring so the clothes will last longer. And in a classic sheath style, you'll get enough use out of it that the cost-per-wear will end up making the dress very affordable. Finally, consider tailoring. Hems are one of the easiest & cheapest alterations. Better quality skirts tend to have a bit of fabric that can be let out, tho of course it depends on how tall you are. HTH!

  4. I almost bought that dress - now I wish I had! Still not tights or hose weather here, which makes me sad.