Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Hair

Not totally new hair, but at least a hair cut, which for me is pretty shocking. I *hate* to get my hair cut -- I've always preferred long hair, even tho' it starts to look scraggly & stringy, but then, I was raised by hippies, so that feels natural to me. I just live in fear of hair stylists who always want to cut my hair super-short, & I have never, ever had a good short hair style. I end up looking like Paul McCartney, no lie.

Anyway, my hair was so long, it was at the horribly messy point where I tended to just pile it on top of my head, so why not get a cut? One of my excuses for keeping it long is always that I do historical reenactments, & long hair is more historically accurate. However, for most every historical hairstyle I do, I wear hairpieces & wigs & only style a little bit of my own hair, so I really don't need my hair to be any longer than shoulder length. So off it went

The haircut isn't dramatic -- about 4" off & hardly different in shape. But it feels lovely, lighter, & healthier. I also dyed my roots (read: greys) for an added bonus.

What I'm wearing:
Black & grey knit dress, Coldwater Creek
Black long-sleeve knit top, Old Navy
Black velveteen jacket, Black House White Market
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black high-heel granny boots, Aerosoles
Silver bead choker, Target
Silver teardrop earrings, Claire's
Jet & gunmetal cocktail ring, Icing

How often do you get your hair cut? What's your favorite style?


  1. Trystan,
    Your hair looks lovely! Glad you have your happy length sorted out. Some folks just seem to know that insintively, while the rest of us wander through the miasma hoping for inspiration:o)

    I finally got my hair cut and colored on NYE. Got into an argument with my stylist about hair color (it was probably the language barrier as I speak no Cantonese and his English is ok), but I am now dark brown and a little above shoulder length now. I am trying to grow out my bangs which are now at about the tips of my ears - not long enough to tuck back there, but long enough to be gathered up by a hair band.

    I tend to go through stages - I chop my hair off into a pixie cut and then grow it out. Then I eventually get frustrated because my hair makes my head too hot and chop! I am still trying to figure out my best hair length and I honestly think it is either pixie or past my shoulders.

    I work for USG so have to have a fairly conservative hair color, but I do plan on adding an eggplant tone in the summer when I back on Home Leave.

    As my mom says - hair grows back. If it's a bad cut, just chop it off and start over! Well, it works for me.

  2. Scraggly and long-- there's really no other way I prefer it ;) . Your new length frames your face beautifully and that jacket is utterly gorgeous!

    I only trim my hair these days, maybe an inch or two off the bottom. I adore long hair and although I long for an undercut, it's likely I'll never garner the courage to do it; I am no stranger to a buzz cut though, hehe.

  3. Your hair looks cute! It's long enough to still be able to do stuff with it, but not so long as to be a big pain in the butt. The jacket is also quite nice.

    I'd worn mine super short (no longer than my nose) since I was a tween. Back then, I had to get it cut every four to six weeks (and I would have preferred to have it cut more often, but the wallet and laziness didn't agree). About two years ago, I decided I wanted to grow it out and I haven't cut it since then. I'm thinking that I will grow it down to my elbows, but we'll see. It's weird to be my age and just now learning to style my hair - when I was little, my mother did it for me, and once I was old enough to do it myself, it was too short to style.

  4. WOW! Your hair looks absolutely and utterly beautiful. And, of course, your outfit is fabulous -- love that velvet jacket and those boots!

    I hate getting my hair cut as well. The hair stylist always argues with me about my bangs, not understanding that I have a look of my own. They insist that (and will always cut) my bangs to curve around my face, which drives me nuts. I end up recutting my bangs myself! grrr...

  5. Heh, that's right, it always grows back! But it can be hard to decide on the right cut/style for yourself in between, esp. when the stylist controls the shears.

  6. LOL, I'm quite familiar w/scraggly & long! I get about one cut a year, & while I love this one, I know it won't last.

  7. Yep, this cut is *just* long enough :) Good luck with growing your hair out!

  8. Man, stylists can be such a pain! I have an anxiety attack before going for a cut -- this was the 2nd time at the same salon, but it was a year ago, so of course I imagined all kinds of horrible changes. But whew, it came out ok. Bummer that you always have to recut your bangs.

  9. Oooh, your hair looks great! Isn't it amazing how much better your hair feels with a little trim. I hate getting mine cut - I have never found anyone that completely understands what I want, so I think I'm going to grow it out long again. A nice long braid, just like back in the day. :o)

    Love that jacket with the dress, BTW!

  10. Very nice! That length definitely suits you. Looks great.

    I've had some terrible experiences with hair stylists. It took ages to find a salon that I trust. I get my hair cut about three times a year, with bang trims in between. My favorite style for myself is super simple -- blunt bangs plus long, straight hair; all one length because layers make updos more difficult for me. Conversely, I love to see adventurous styles on other people, especially those who rock the deathhawks so well.

  11. Oh yes, I love people who do wild haircuts! I figure they either do it themselves or know really amazing stylists that they trust.

  12. Why must it be so hard to find a worthy stylist? Geez, can't they just cut our hair how we say we want? But growing it out sounds lovely too :)

  13. Beautiful hairstyle and outfit! My experience with hair stylists has been very similar, so I get a haircut as rarely as possible while maintaining healthy looking hair :)