Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Pirate

A little weekend pirate couture. With a touch of gold. I used to be strictly silver-only, as many goths are. But I've gotten lax in my old age. Maybe it's the influence of my historical costuming, particularly the 16th-century styles I love. Back then, gold was more popular because it's the most valuable & expensive metal. Your clothing showed your wealth, so if you could afford gold, you wore it. I make a point of wearing gold jewelry & trimming my gowns with gold, when possible, to fit my persona of a wealthy, high-ranking 16th-century noblewoman.

Of course, it's not just historical accuracy. My wedding band is a mix of yellow & white gold (tho' my engagement ring is sterling silver). These type of bands are just what my husband & I liked best some 14 years ago. So maybe I wasn't always so adamant about silver-only...

What I'm wearing:
"Pirate Couture" T-shirt, DisneyLand | Black jeans, Levi's | Black socks, unknown brand | Black walking shoes, Naturalizer | Black newsboy hat, random accessory store | Silver filigree earrings, Target

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