Friday, July 25, 2014

The Visiting Cats

While my house is currently cat-less, we do have feline visitors. For most of the time we've lived here, our backyard has been adopted by the neighborhood cats. Probably because our cats have always been indoor-only. Well, there are two cats who  particularly enjoy hanging out in our backyard -- this black tomcat who actually lives across the street and is called Negrito, and his girlfriend, a Siamese.

The girlcat is a bit skittish and runs away when I bring out the tripod to take my blog photos, but recently Negrito has tried to photo-bomb me. So this morning, I let him get into the picture. You can't tell, but he's pretty scruffy from his wild outdoor life, especially since he gets into a lot of fights. He's sweet to people but not other cats.

We're waiting until after a few short trips away before we get our "real" cats for indoors. We want kittens again, so we'll have a good long time with the cats. So hopefully this fall. A house without cats or any pets isn't really a home.

What I'm wearing: Grey & white striped hooded sweater, Forever 21 | Black T-shirt, Target | Black & white stripe maxi skirt, Nordstrom | Silver-grey wedges, Anne Klein | Silver fishes necklace, Ann d'Aboise | Pewter key earrings, made by me

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