Monday, December 27, 2010

DIY Fashion Projects on My Mind

There are a bunch of fashiony sewing projects I've been wanting to do. Not quite sure when I'll get to them, but I have this week off from work, so perhaps I can make one or two of these...

As soon as I saw this lace-trimmed T-shirt on the Ann Taylor LOFT website, I thot, "I can do that." Maybe in grey, like the original or in black with white lace or in white or dark pink with black lace. A black shirt with black lace would make a nice, tonal look too. Will look first at the thrift store for shirts, & if I don't find anything, I'll just grab a tee at Target or Old Navy. Plenty of black lace in my fabric stash.

I'd like to make a pieced skirt using a bunch of the fancy fabric scraps I have laying around. Last week, a coworker was wearing a gorgeous black pencil skirt with silver & blue patterned fabric piecing on the front. Very stylish, sleek, & elegant. I immediately thought I could do that in my colors.

Should have asked her if I could take a picture because now I just have hazy memory to go on for inspiration. I can't find anything like it online. This Etsy wool skirt has the vague concept & this Etsy jean skirt has more of the small piecing that I like (& that rocked on my coworker's skirt). Of course, neither are the right shape or materials. Gotta use your imagination!

Then there's this cropped jacket with lace by INC Concepts (a Macy's brand that often has goth-friendly pieces). It was an eBay auction that I didn't win -- I didn't want to bid too high because I had a feeling I could make something like this from a thrift-store velvet blazer & a bunch of lace.

I recently made a narrow black belt with a velvet bow in the front. The main part of the belt was a leather strap that I removed from the new purse I bought (it had an extra shoulder strap, even tho' the double straps are perfectly long enough for shoulder-wearing, weird!). I made a little bow from velvet ribbon & tried to glue it to the bow with the usually stick-to-everything E6000 craft glue. No dice! Had to sew the bow on using a leather needle. Haven't worn it yet tho'.

I've also been making a lot of necklaces & a couple pairs of earrings. Love making jewelry! It's so fast & easy, once you have a collection of shiny bits.

Do you like to make clothes or accessories or refashion items? Got any success stories or amusing attempts?


  1. I can make a kick-ass fishnet shirt (complete with fingerless gloves) from a pair of fishnet tights. But you probably can too.

  2. I like to make corset jackets by sewing grommet tape or ring tape onto thrift store blazers. Of course the ribbon is never the same black, but hey. I keep wanting to add lace cuffs but I haven't gotten up the courage yet.

  3. loveleanjel, adding grommet or D-ring tape to thrift store jackets is probably my #1 clothing alteration project. I do it to almost every jacket that comes into my possession!