Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shopping With My Man

On vacation this week, kicking around the house, not doing much -- which is awesome! I never get this kind of break. So yesterday, my husband & I went out & bought each other the xmas gifts we decided we really needed.

For me, an iPad & a G4 iPhone (upgrade from my old iPhone). For him, a better big-screen TV & Blu-Ray player (also kind of a business need; he's a professional videographer & shows demos in our living room, so this will show off his work). I also got him a fabulous black cotton-velveteen blazer that we randomly saw at Macy's, then we had a leisurely lunch.

What I'm wearing:
Purple & pink patterned cardigan, Chadwicks
Black T-shirt, Gap
Black jeans with studs at the pockets, Calvin Klein
Black buckled flat boots, Aldo
Burgundy flower hair pin, Forever 21
Large silver filigree earrings, Target
Black & silver beaded necklace, Target
Cabernet lipstick, Tarte
Black leather purse with metal accents, Jessica Simpson

Today, I'm playing with the iPad & dyeing my hair (black, as always). And it's raining, so I don't think I'm going anywhere.

I hope those of you who are off work are also enjoying the time!


  1. Nice outfit, and getting very fancy on the goth colour theory chart :-).

    Seriously, I'm enjoying those huge flower hair I've been seeing here & on another blog (think it was from one of your links). I'm going to look around today to see if I can find one in black or dark green for myself.

  2. The flower in your hair is adorable and it is the perfect accent to this outfit. Love it - Katy

  3. I'm also feeling the love for the bigass flower in the hair! I like the bright cardi to offset all the black. Sounds like a perfect day!

  4. Thanks all! I'm quite addicted to flower hair pins -- it's an easy way to jazz up a hairdo & add color to my black hair :)

  5. I like your flower hair pin! It's so cute. I've been really into hair accessories lately - probably because I'm trying to hide the fact that my hair is 1. going gray and 2. at an iffy length! You, look adorable!