Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Boho on a Weekday

This is an outfit I wore a few weekends ago. It's a winterized version of this outfit, swapping sandals for tall boots & layering a long-sleeve shirt instead of a camisole. The ideal outfit for poking around the mall on a Saturday. Could wear this to work too, if I was feeling casual.

What I'm wearing:
Black, purple, & blue paisley tunic, Chadwicks | Black long-sleeved knit top, Old Navy | Black leggings, Newport News | Black ribbon & silver chain belt, eBay | Tall black leather boots, Clarks | Silver filigree earrings, Forever 21 | Silver skull choker, random accessory store


  1. PAISLEY!!! I think I must scream that every time upon seeing this tunic. I have a thing for paisley. Love it. Nice styling here. That belt really pulls it all together.

  2. These colors are so beautiful on you - great look!