Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why It Pays to Shop Everywhere

This cotton velveteen skirt is from The brick-and-mortar J. Jill stores are places I'd never shop -- they're full of shapeless, colorless, deadly dull clothes seemingly meant for upscale grandmothers. But the store's website, especially right after the winter holidays, was full of velvets & rich, dark colors, in attractive shapes. Sure, you have to wade thru the oatmeal & sage sack-dresses, but that's easy on the Web, especially for a bargain. This skirt was under $30 & is quite high quality. Plus, it's a petite woman's size yet it's about 2" above my knees -- pretty sexy, even tho' it's not from the junior's department!

What I'm wearing:
Grey & white stripe waterfall hooded cardigan, Forever 21
Black knit long-sleeve top, Old Navy
Black velveteen skirt, J.Jill
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Tall black leather boots, Clarks
Chunky silver bead choker, Target
Black dangly bead earrings, random accessory store
Big black roses cocktail ring, Icing

What stores do you shop in that you never thought you'd find great stuff at?


  1. Cute skirt!
    JJill used to have some nice clothing and a lot more velvet pieces year round. I still love finding pieces of JJill in second hand shops from the 90s.

  2. "Sure, you have to wade thru the oatmeal & sage sack-dresses . . . ." Hahaha, too true.

    Don't judge, but I have found some things at Chico's.

  3. i have a client that buys me gifts from j jill, chicos, and coldwater creek, just accesories but she always finds cute ones. once upon a time, i thought ann taylor loft was for yuppie soccer moms, but in the last 4 years i have found great stuff. i used to avoid newport news and chadwicks too, they had cool stuff in the early 90s, but then i stopped ordering because even things that looked cool in the catalogue looked like ill fitting soccer mom duds on. but they're having cute stuff again.

  4. Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek, even the Victoria's Secret catalog (and not for lingerie-inspired items, either). That's one of the fun things about goth-shopping, it feeds the need to hunt. Clothing is our prey.

  5. Their winter velvet stuff was really nice this year!

  6. A few of my fave garments come from Coldwater Creek -- but online, bec. the stores never seem to carry the same goodies. And yes, Newport News & Chadwicks go in & out of (goth) style very frequently!

  7. I proudly tout having NO SHAmE about shopping anywhere. LOL And being a thrift queen ... nay, thrift GODDESS, telling a person what I paid usually silences any criticism immediately. Good find on the skirt. That will be a nice basic that you can "sauce up" on special occasions. You'll get A LOT of use out of that.