Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Velvet?

This may well be the last time I'll wear velvet to work until fall. The weather has changed a lot in the past few weeks, with very hot weekends & weeks that range from warm to sunny but breezy. Spring is rapidly changing to summer in Northern California, & velvet isn't appropriate day-wear for me. I may bring out a dress or skirt for an evening ensemble (& costumes are an entirely different story!), but no more velvet to work except in accessories. I still have velvet shoes & suchlike that could add a nice gothic flair to an office outfit.

In fact, at lunchtime, I switched this up because I got a bit warm. I took off the belt & jacket, hung up the jacket, & put the belt on over the dress. I figured if I got chilly, I could wear the jacket open over the belted dress.

What I'm wearing:
Black cotton full-skirted dress, ModCloth | Plum velvet jacket, from Lisa | Black studded belt, Macy's | Black fishnets, unknown brand | Black slingback pumps, Payless Shoe Source | Silver filigree earrings, Target

Do you dress for the seasons? Or do you dress the same all year-round?


  1. Wow, major jealous that it is the last in Wellington it is getting to be quite cold, and I'm missing my velvet jackets! That's a lovely outfit, and I covet your jacket. :) I wear basically the same style all year round, but modify it for winter/summer-in the summer I don't wear corsets as much and all the cute short skirts and fishnets come out, while in the winter I'm all about the long velvet skirts, layers, blazers, etc.

  2. That sounds lovely! I definitely wear more fishnets & short skirts in warm weather -- much more comfortable :-)