Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Everybody's a Rockstar Sometimes

This wacky skirt was made for me by my dear friend Donna. She found the fabric somewhere & whipped it into this adorable retro skirt. The print is wild, with diamonds & words like "punk princess," "crazy," "i *heart* music," & "rockstar" scribbled all over it.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling down, this skirt is a great pick-me-up. Because I am a rockstar. Maybe not every day & maybe not in the Van Halen / Lady Gaga / Sisters of Mercy sense of the word. But I've got little things that make me a rockstar sometimes. Like, I'm a rockstar at fact-checking text under a deadline. And I'm a rockstar at making sneakily strong cosmos. I'm a rockstar to my tabby cat at whatever I do. I'm a rockstar at running & publicizing costume events. I'm a rockstar at finding the one gothable clothing item in a totally boring normal old-lady clothing store. I'm a rockstar at organizing a china cabinet. I'm a rockstar at accessorizing historical costumes.

So what makes you a rockstar? Is it styling victory rolls? Is it organizing digital photos? Is it walking in 4" heels? Is it painting walls with no drips? Is it making scrambled eggs? Is it negotiating a good deal? Is it doing a somersault? It could be anything! Share in the comments or write your own blog post & link to it. Remind the world how you're a rockstar today!

What I'm wearing:
Pink & white rockstar skirt, made by Donna
Black knit bow-tie top, Target
Black tights, unknown brand
Black T-strap flats, Aldo
Pink dangly earrings, Ruche


  1. I'm in a disco suit today, so I am totally going to be a rock star and link up. I love this post so much, Trystan! Reading all the things that you are a rock star at - it made me feel empowered and proud and amazed at you, and it made me want to feel like that all the time. Awesomeness with awesome sauce.

    And I love that skirt - it looks like a big cupcake!

    Sheila (because my posts always list me as nepenthes!)

  2. God I love a sneaky Cosmos more than anything! And that skirt is beyond cool.

    I'm a rock star at speed-reading and writing; always producing dog treats for the pups and scratching the right itchy places; finding lost objects; and sometimes painting pastels, which I don't find nearly enough time to do.

  3. Yes, I'm definitely seeing rock star here! I love that skirt and all the rock star things you do. Usually messy hair makes me feel like a rock star and it gives me permission to do everything with slackness. Liberating indeed.

  4. Love it! Just your sheer attitude and stylishness make you a rock star, IMO. I feel like one when I wear a pair of stompy heals, or when I sew an especially cool item of clothing. :)

  5. It is so very good to have a pick-me-up piece like that in your wardrobe. My tenacious nature makes me a rock star!

  6. Your suit was truly rockin'! Thanks for the link back :)

  7. Oooo, finding lost objects, that's a major skill! And yes, squeeze in some time for painting, creativity feeds the soul.

  8. W00t for messy hair! I'm rockin' that today too ;-)

  9. Aw yeah, stompy heels & sewing, great combo!

  10. I'm a sewing, canning, cooking by instinct, baking rockstar. ;) I'm also getting really good at maintaining/refashioning/mending clothes As Needed.

    You are my Muse, and I'm your custom clothing rockstar, hee.


    -d, so glad to see how happy you look in that skirt. :D

  11. That's an awesome skirt. I used to wear a leather jacket and have my hair in my face. I was a 90's rockstar *lol*