Friday, June 15, 2012

Nifty Things I've Read This Week (With Bonus Video)

I'm off to another historical costume event this weekend (starting Friday night, in fact). So I'm leaving you with a bunch of cool things I've read this week. Just in case I'm so knackered on Monday that I wear a boring repeat & don't post a new outfit ;-)

Why you should dress your age -- The Dashing Eccentric happily reminds us that your age is part of who you are, so express it in your fashion.

Why I blog my daily outfits -- Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen tells it like it is! Love this so much.

Learning self-discipline -- Laina of Keeping Off 200 Pounds is so inspiring. She is the epitome of "just do it."

Stretch your fashion dollar -- Jean of All Trades has a guest post at Be In Style about getting the biggest bang for your sartorial budget.

How to reinvent your wardrobe -- Juilet's Lace has a few handy tips for starting a closet overhaul.

Thoughts on the ethics of wearing ethnic clothing -- Sal of Already Pretty takes a careful look at what it means to wear ethnic clothing.

Cheap chic ruined us -- Salon interviews the author of "Overdressed: The Shockingly High Price of Cheap Fashion," about the economics behind the stuff we buy at Target, Forever 21, & H&M.

Research shows people judge you by your shoes -- SiouxieLaw discusses a fascinating study (also, cool shoe links!).

Science proves that horizontal stripes don't make you look fatter -- Erin of Dress-a-Day shares this important bit of news.

The disappearing double chin trick for portrait photography -- On LaughingSquid, a professional photographer shows how to easily improve photographs of yourself.

Simple things you can do to bring your A-game to costuming -- Sarah of Mode Historique reminds us that it's really about the head-to-toe look. Keep this in mind if you're doing Victorian & steampunk.

Canadian girl makes graduation dress out of her math homework -- Talk about recycling :-)

Lastly, one of my very favorite songs ever, which has been stuck in my head -- "All in My Mind" by Love & Rockets. Happy weekend!


  1. Aww thanks for linking to my blog.
    Great bonus video. Very clever.

  2. And I love the post about stripes, fascinating.

  3. Lovely blog roundup. The photo tip about jawline was perfect for my boyfriend to learn. ;). He has taken a whole bunch of awful pictures on me.
    I do not agree with the blogger who want's us to dress in the appropriate age. I'm 38 but looks 6 years younger. I'm in that stage of life when my children are older and I wan't to be myself more and dress the way I feel, not the way other people would think I should.
    I was intrigued by the blogger who is afraid to dress in ethnical clothes. Were I live we have a long and still living tradition of folklore dressing. I wouldn't mind if someone take inspiration from my traditional clothes. We have a swedish designer; Gudrun Sjödén who I own many clothes from. She's inspired by folk costumes from all over the world and she says that; if you take a closer look on how the clothes are made, they are very similar to your own cultural dresses. Right now I wear a rich embroderied tunic with inspiration from india, nepal and sweden. :)

  4. Whoa! I wish I'd seen that video about the disappearing double chin, like, 10 years ago! Thanks for the post! And thanks for including me. :-)

  5. What an amazing group of links, I have spent a good hour enjoying these. And I am honored to be part of this list, thank you so much!

  6. It's worth thinking about the background of ethnic clothing before wearing it. Particularly in the U.S., people tend to rip-off ethnic styles without any consideration or respect given to the original culture, & sometimes traditional & even sacred symbols are used in derogatory ways. So a little forethought helps :-)

  7. I know, that photo trick is awesome -- of course, now I have to remember to do it when I'm in a photo.

    Always enjoy reading your posts too!

  8. Thank you -- I really get a lot out of your blog!