Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Red & Black With Boots

I wouldn't have thought I could wear tall leather boots in June, but here I am. Yesterday saw sudden showers, & today dawned windy & cool, if sunny. So I decided on an outfit to bridge seasons. Light, floaty cotton with tall boots & a sweater.

What I'm wearing:
Black ruffled wool bolero sweater, Kohl's | Black & white damask print knit top, Spiegel | Cherry red pleated cotton skirt, Newport News | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Tall black leather boots, Clarks | Black & white silhouette pendant on silk ribbon, gift from Kendra | Jet hoop earrings, gift for being a bridesmaid at Heather's wedding | Jet stud earrings, random accessory store | Single garnet stud earring, Berkeley street stall | Silver & garnet ring, bought in Jaipur, India

Btw, I mentioned yesterday that I spent last weekend performing at a renaissance faire. I posted photos of my friends & I at the faire on Flickr, & here are a few of my new silk Venetian courtesan gown.


  1. We're chilly down here in SoCal, too! What happened?!?! I'm wearing a heavier cardi tomorrow, for sure!

    Black + Red + White > Black + Red. Next year, maybe we should make that the official color scheme! I love the way the white contrasts with the black and red.

  2. Strange weather indeed! And maybe we should have a subcategory of red, black, & white ;-)

  3. It rained on Monday too down in Sunnyvale where my parents live, but it was still warm. Such weird weather. Love your outfit though. Especially the earrings.

  4. Such odd weather for June! But hey, I'll take the opportunity to wear boots :-)