Friday, June 8, 2012

Red & Black Week Flashback

This is my last post for Red & Black Week 2012, & I don't have a new outfit because I'm working from home. So I thought I'd recap *last* year's outfits, since I tried hard this year to not repeat major elements from then. Let's see how I did!

In June 2011, I wore three red & black outfits, & this year I increased that by one. Seems about right since I tend to go into the office three or four days a week. You can see the full outfit details by clicking on the captions below.

Red pussy-bow & black pinstripes - 06/06/11
Black jeans & red boots - 06/07/11
Black & white stripes with red - 06/09/1

I managed to not repeat any of the red items this year, tho' I did consider it. I don't have the red dress from June 9 anymore -- it always felt too short for work, & I didn't get enough weekend wear out of it to justify keeping it. I think I got more creative this year, probably because I planned in advance! And buying more red items (the dress worn this June 4 & the shoes on June 6) inspired me.

How was your Red & Black Week? Did you wear new things or old faves? Did you plan outfits in advance or wing it? How did this year compare to last year? Hope you had as much fun as I did!


  1. I had fun with Red and Black week too! I liked seeing your looks from last year compared to this one. I didn't participate last year but I planned ahead this time. I wrote my outfit ideas down so I wouldn't have to reuse pieces.

  2. I wrote my outfits down this time too. That really helped!