Monday, November 5, 2012

New Job & Blogoversary in One

This week marks the second year anniversary of me starting This Is CorpGoth, & I also started a new job today. Quite a momentous occasion! My first outfit on the blog was November 3, 2010, & I celebrated my first blogoversary on November 7, 2011.

The past two years have seen the peak and fall of my satisfaction at my previous job, & sometimes it felt like this blog was the only thing that kept me getting up & going to the office in the mornings. When I was dragging & feeling totally uninspired by what my career offered, I knew I could at least put on a snazzy outfit, post it, & maybe someone would comment. *You* really helped me get through the tough times, all of you, each & every one of your comments. I may not always have the time to reply, & I wish I could go comment on all of your blogs (I do read them, oh yes, I do, religiously!). But knowing you're out there in BlogLand really means a lot to me.

I'd like to thank a couple people specifically:

Shelia of Ephemera -- Your blog is a delight to behold! Every outfit is something creative & unusual, even if it's not something I might wear. I admire your style so much. And I enjoy the appearances of your kitty & sidelines into the beautiful Canadian landscape. Thank you for your comments on my blog, & thank you for being such a great inspiration to keep it colorful & rockin'!

Franny of The Professor's Various Blogspots -- Hee, I can't help it, I make fun because I love! Your transformation over this past year has been awe-inspiring & lovely to behold. I adore your posts about gardening & cooking & camping, even tho' I only comment on fashion. I want to read your dissertation as soon as it's done! I wish we weren't on opposite sides of the country because I'd love to sit over coffee & talk literature & old-school goth music with you for hours.

And also my champion regular commenters, particularly from Lennea pa Landet & Cuz I Said Sew -- showing up with a kind word or clever insight, time & again! And with fantastic blogs of their own -- go read them :-)

Oh yeah, what did I wear for my first day at a new job, the first new job I've had in 11 years? Something gothy but with color so as not to freak the mundanes too much. Gotta ease my way in, y'know.

What I'm wearing:
Burgundy boyfriend cardigan, Chadwicks
Black knit top with floral ruching, NY & Company
Grey striped skirt, Nordstroms
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black pointy kitten-heel pumps, Aldo
Silver filigree earrings, Target
Silver & garnet ring, bought in India
"Raisin Rage" lipstick by Revlon


  1. Congratulations on your new job, and your blogoversary! That is a fantastic first day on the job outfit :)

  2. Congratulations on the new job! :)

  3. Congratulations on the new job and two years of fashion blogging! I've been following you around the internet since my first home AOL account and I love reading CorpGoth.

  4. How could I not comment on your fantastic outfits? And you have another fine offering today. I love the floral detail on your blouse.

  5. Oh honey! Thank you so very, very much. YES! I think we would have an absolute ball together, chatting and chatting for hours.

    We should be thanking you for showing us that CorpGoth can be fun, flirty, boho, and completely doable ... and with colors, too! You have the best taste in shoes and I absolutely LOVE your flair for patterns and fun styles. And I give you kudos for being one hell of a seamstress/tailor! You've inspired me to sew and knit again, and be brave doing so. I adore you, lady!

    And yes, you can read my dissertation when it's done. :) BTW, sorry it took so long to comment -- we just got our cable/internet/phone back after a week of being out.

  6. Oh yeah, CONGRATS on you're new job and anniversary! WAHOO!

  7. Happy Blogoversary and congrats on the new job!

  8. I figured you were still offline -- it's been so rough out in NY & I've been thinking about you so often! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!!

  9. Looking good! I am so shocked that you left your previous job that I'm still stalking you trying to figure out where you went and why, but - this is about fashion, right? Right. Fashion. (oh yes and I get you about ppl posting/commenting as being SO WONDERFUL, such a boost!)

  10. LOL! I did post on FB, but do message me if you want the skinny. It was just time for a change after *so* long. And the new job is turning out to be just what I needed :) Thanks!

  11. (catching up on posts I saved because I wanted to read and comment!) Congrats on two years of blogging, and the new job! I didn't realize your blog was so new when I first started reading it, shortly before I started my own. You have always made it look like you're an old pro! ;) I've truly enjoyed seeing you explore your style in all its various phases over the year and a half I've been reading.

    And we both changed jobs after 11 years ... are we crazy?!? lol. I know what you mean about it just being time for a change. I hope you are enjoying the new gig thoroughly!!

  12. Thanks so much! And yeah, it felt pretty crazy to switch jobs after so long - but good crazy, right?