Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Outfit!

Photos aren't the best, but here we go...
What I'm wearing:
Grey denim jacket, Newport News
Black T-shirt, Gap
Black twill skirt, Gap, thrifted, trimmed by me
Black w/gunmetal shoes, Target
Couldn't see the shoes in these pix (but one of my cats, Toulouse, nearly made it), so here's a closeup.

And a closeup of the skirt trim, which I sewed myself. Used a strip of grey & black striped silk, 2 kinds of lace, & black velvet ribbon. All of which were from my fabric stash.
 I'd say this is a fairly typical outfit to work. The jacket means it's more pulled-together -- on a lazier day, I'd just wear a sweater or blouse. But still, it's classic CorpGoth, meaning monochromatic jazzed-up with a bit of texture & trim.


  1. very nice. i'd wear this down to the smallest detail in less than one minute! and i love the skirt trim - i sew as well, it's very inspirational. happy t-day! steph

  2. Thanks! The skirt trim was pretty fast to sew (esp. since I had all the stuff on hand), & I hope to something like it again. Happy T-day to you too :-)

  3. I love the shoes! And the skirt is so lovely! I also like to sew my own clothes and your work is really inspirational :).


  4. Thanks! I tend to save up my sewing for full historical costumes, but I do like to make little modifications for everyday clothing. It's fast & fun :-)