Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yet Another Sweater + Gothing the Mainstream

I think I may wear a sweater every day this week. For the hell of it. I have drawers full of 'em, including a bunch of new ones I bought in the past few months in a fall-ramp-up (as if I didn't own enough sweaters *hangs head*).

What I'm wearing:
Burgundy boyfriend cardigan, Chadwicks
Black knit dress, Target
Wide black patent belt, Target
Black spiderweb tights, probably Hot Topic
Black patent square-toe pumps, no tags, probably thrifted
Copper & burgundy enameled pendant necklace, local artist at a craft faire
Garnet & pearl drop earrings, artist at a costume convention
Pearl stud earrings, gift from my step-father
Chanel Vamp lipstick

So this belted boyfriend cardigan is a new style I'm trying out -- what do you think? I don't often follow mainstream trends. Sure, I read about them (I like to indulge in shallow fashion magazines, especially when I travel! nothing distracts me from the horrors of being trapped in an economy-class airplane seat better than a cocktail & a huge stack of Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, & similar mags). But I don't do much about it more often than once in a blue moon.

When goth stuff is trendy, I'll stock up, of course. Note the Chanel Vamp. OMG, fave. lipstick! That's what got me hooked on fancy makeup years ago. Every so often, ruffles or velvets or lace will become fashionable, so my fellow goth-fashionistas & I will haunt the chain stores to buy out everything that fits our aesthetic. The fabulous Lady of the Manners has addressed this topic in her Gothic Charm School column, "Black Is This Year's Black."

But returning to my issue -- incorporating non-goth trends into a gothic wardrobe. Can it be done, if one wishes to try? Well, you're looking at it. Does it work? I'm thinking so. Obviously, the key is doing it in dark colors & pairing with traditionally goth accessories like spiderweb stockings & shiny black patent. But I'm open to pro & con opinions.  Are there current trends you are adding to your gothy wardrobe?


  1. I know it's not really your thing, but the sweater does look lovely on you! I've always wondered what you true-to-goth folks think of all us pretenders when we embrace the style when trend dictates. Do you meet up and snicker at us big fakers? It would serves us right.

  2. Heck no! For one, that would be impolite (& the Lady of the Manners might smack us with her fan ;-). Besides, the sales are great! Honestly, everything goes in cycles, one year it's hippie chic, then it's a touch o' punk, who knows what. The older you get, the more of a sense of humor you have about it.

    Thanks for the compliment on the sweater. I liked how it looked. I have another on order in black, natch.

  3. Well, not being the typical "corp" goth, I still do take elements from current fashions and incorporate them into my wardrobe. Look in this drawer, and you'll see skinny cargo pants in black & grey. Look in the closet, you'll see tunic tops & dresses (both self-made & storebought) for wearing over skinny jeans or leggings. I even own a sweaterknit "bandage" style skirt, in black, of course. :)

    And yes, the sweater thing looks nifty on you. Particularly in that colour.



  4. haha! Good to know! I'll still feel like a faker, but at least I'll know I'm not ticking anyone off when I dip my toe into a gothy look!

  5. Yep, D., I can imagine how you'd stylishly mix a few current styles into goth :-)



  7. I' really like the idea of your blog. as being a full-timeworker i know how it feels to get dressed for work while trying to look professionell and trying to get dressed as what i am at the same time. happily my company hasn't a dress code too.

    but i'd really love to see you going over the top in your free time-clothing. i think it would be a fantastic mix to see the difference between the goth-clothing and your everyday wardrobe.

  8. Thanks! A lot of my weekends, I do some kind of costume event, & that can be seen at There's gothic & historical costume photos on that site.

    Not sure if I will chronicle my other weekend wear tho... maybe one day :-)

  9. I'm not really a goth dresser, but I do love certain elements (rich fabrics, velvet, lace).

    Loving your style!