Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cyber Black Friday Spoils, Part I

All those amazing deals started online on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so, yeah, I took advantage. Hey, I had the funds, & I'd already finished my gift shopping, honest! There's just some holiday gift-making left (altho' the biggie -- our Real Travels calendar -- is done; check it out on CafePress. This is one of our annual gifts to the family).

So today, I received some of my purchases in the mail: 3 pairs of black stripey tights from We Love Colors (in fuschia, maroon, & rubine), & then two pairs of shoes from Aldo, shown below.

Both of these were practical purchases as they replace somewhat similar shoes that are falling apart. I desperately needed some low, flat boots that were a little dressy (e.g., not hiking boots). The Aerosoles I wore to the department offsite are starting to separate from the soles & tear at the heel, so I think they're beyond repair. They lived a good, long life -- got to traipse around several continents & enjoyed their last kicks with cute goats. Can't ask for much more.

The flats are another reasonable option, because I find myself with limited practical shoes. Not that I'm a big fan of them anymore (someday soon, I'll ramble on about how I gave up dull comfort shoes for style). But this type of shoe is an ideal mix of cute 'n comfy. Actually, both these pairs were quite comfortable, & I foresee wearing them often.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEE those boots! its military/goth chic! cant wait to see wat outfits u come up with em!

  2. Thanks! I'm wearing them today, so 1st pix tonight. I predict I'll wear these *a lot* -- just need to break them in a little, but I can can see walking for miles in 'em.