Monday, November 15, 2010

Matchy Monday

I love matchy-matchyness, & I don't care who knows it! Matching colors in an outfit may not be hip or trendy, but I don't care. I'm bound to do it, matching comes naturally to me, I like it. So there :-P

What I'm wearing:
Purple peplum sweater, Spiegel, with vintage button added by me
Black T-shirt, Gap
Black tiered, beaded, lace-trimmed skirt, thrift store
Black tights, unknown brand
Purple faux-suede boots, Roaman's
Purple & black beaded necklace with scissors medallion with matching beaded earrings, made by my friend Lisa
Purple lipstick, Sephora

I love swapping out buttons on clothes. It's an easy way to customize & improve garments. Let's face it, the buttons on most less-expensive garments kind of suck. They're chintzy plastic & it shows. You can buy better buttons at a fabric store, or hunt around for really awesome vintage buttons.

Both the necklace & boots get compliments. Yay, accessories!


  1. I love your boots! I have a deep red boots and I love them with a total black look. We always use to think about black boots, but boots in other colours are also great.

  2. These purple boots are one of my very faves! And today, I finally am wearing some red boots - pix tonight.