Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogoversary Reflections

Last week was the one-year anniversary of starting this blog, specifically when I started posting outfit photos (as there were a couple test posts). Alas, I was traveling in Spain at the time, so I had auto-scheduled posts & didn't have any outfits for sharing. I do plan to write up something about my travel wardrobe later on tho'.

Today's outfit is something I probably wouldn't have worn before I started blogging. Sure, I'd have bought & worn the individual pieces (& I had some of them a year ago), but this exact combination is definitely inspired by what I've seen in the fashion blogosphere.

Pattern-mixing is still a novelty to me -- I'll only do subtle mixes like this pinstripe with a bold abstract because anything more looks like the wearer got dressed in the dark to my eye. And I think that extreme pattern-mixing in an outfit makes one less likely to be taken seriously in the workplace, even in super-casual Silicon Valley. Playing it safe with classic goth all-black is a better bet for sealing a deal, running a class, or acing an interview, I believe.

Little things like wearing a belt over a sweater is something I learned from fashion blogs too (especially the now-shuttered Academic Chic). I just wouldn't have thought of doing that before. Belting in general is something I was a bit mystified by for ages -- I'd buy belts & they'd hang forlornly in my closet. Now I have about 5 of them that I wear pretty regularly, if not all that creatively. I do love how a belt accentuates my waist, giving definition to the smallest part of me, showing off my curves elegantly, & generally providing more & better shape. Wide elastic belts are my favorite, but this skinny studded belt is a winner too.

"Statement" necklaces like this one are another thing picked up from fashion blogs. I used to wear a lot of little charms on long, skinny chains. Those are pretty & sentimental, but they get lost in an outfit. Fashion blogs taught me to see an outfit as a whole -- literally, take a picture & see myself from head to toe. Tiny little charm necklaces don't show up. Bold, chunky necklaces can give balance & symmetry (which I'm a huge fan of -- it's right up there with matchy-matchy!), and statement necklaces define the neck & help frame the face along with my hair. Particularly when you have solid black hair, a heavy necklace creates a visual frame around a pale(ish) face, which I find pleasing & also emphasizes the goth look in a new way.

What I'm wearing:
Pink print cardigan, Chadwicks
Dark grey pinstripe dress, made by Donna
Black tights, unknown brand
Black pumps with silver buckle, Kenneth Cole Reaction
Black studded belt, Macy's
Black beaded waterfall bib necklace, Torrid
Black rhinestone hoop earrings, random accessory store
Black cocktail ring, Icing
Burgundy lipstick, Sephora

I'm glad I started reading fashion blogs, & I'm very glad I started my own blog. It's been an educational & entertaining venture! I've virtually met some lovely people too, & I thank all of you for your wonderful comments, even if I don't always have time to respond. I do read them all & am very grateful.


  1. Haha! I've had the same problem with belts. And now I hate the look of anything tucked in on me, I don't even like the look of belts with jeans anymore because of this. Experimenting with wearing them OVER my long-line knit tops is something I've newly picked up from fashion blogs myself. I still have to make a conscious effort at remembering to try them out. Doesn't come naturally yet.

    It's like we're all in a great big game of dress-up, isn't it. Yay for mixing patterns! Well done!

  2. Fashion blogs helped cure me of belt phobia, too. But I still won't mix patterns, not even subtly. I'm just not there yet. ;) You've done it beautifully in this outfit. The bold black necklace is a perfect companion to that sweater, too.

  3. I've been thinking recently about getting into belting. Since I wore a version of this outfit today (black skirt, tights and tshirt with a fuchsia cardigan), I can see that a black belt would have looked wonderful. :) So thank you!

    I just love the necklace. It truly does add a certain something good to your outfit!

  4. This was a fantastic post; I felt I could relate to it so much. I also never thought much of belts before following blogs, and now also have a heap of the stretch elastic type that I wear over sweaters and such.
    I never thought about the way a chunky necklace can frame the face. That is so insightful; I'll have to start a collection!

  5. I think your pattern mix is perfect in this outfit. It's definitely not too much. I'm not a fashionblogger myself but I'm addicted to fashion. I have a huge wardrobe and keep on adding and adding... Your fashion blog is very inspirational to me. I have tried belts so many times but there must be something wrong with me or the mirror, because I think my stomach sticks out more with a belt. I use belts with jeans only.

  6. I've been eyeing belts for wearing over sweaters & dressers for awhile now. This blog was what got me thinking about it - I used to think it would make me look shorter & squatter, but you've proved that's false. I specifically bought a sweaterdress that needs a belt, now I just have to find one!

  7. I have the same problems with accessorizing -- I don't take enough head-to-toe pictures, but when I do I usually notice that I'm dressed terribly plain. I think I spent so many years being an athlete and active, that I tend to view accessories as problems rather than as an addition to an outfit!

    I have an especially long torso, so I really should use belts, short cardigans, and high waists to bring things together visually. However, most days it's top + bottom = done.

    I love that skirt, and I think pinstripes work as a neutral so that's why it's easier to mix patterns with them. Thanks for the year of sartorial eye candy! You're an inspiration.

  8. Traicetrak - Totally a big game of dress-up! Makes it more fun to think of it that way, imo.

    VictorianKitty - Thanks.

    dotted lines - It really is the little things :-)

    Hexotica - Oh yes, I love my elastic belts like crazy.

    linnea-maria - Thanks! And with belts, I think it just takes trying different ones & at different places on your body to find the right style.

    LovleAnjel - You just don't know until you try it :-)

    lazysubculturalgirl - I can't help it, I adore accessories! And you're right, pinstrips are practically a neutral.

  9. You look lovely! Congrats on your blogoversary. I never belted a cardi until I started reading fashion blogs, either :o