Monday, November 21, 2011

Movie Monday, November 21

I haven't done one of Sal Kay's Movie Monday themes before, but why not start? I'm not a huge movie fan -- I probably see just one movie in the theaters per year and maybe watch two more recorded at home in a year. Either there's nothing new out that I want to see, or I can't make the time commitment because I'm always busy with other events (or my husband is working on weekends, so that limits movie-going).
Arwen's mourning gown

However, I do try to keep up with costume movies and fantasy movies, because those genres give me extra bang for the buck and for the time spent. Thus, my first Movie Monday post is about The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which were released from 2001 to 2003.

These were truly amazing films to me, as I have been a HUGE Tolkien fan almost since birth. My mom told me the stories of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings as bedtime tales when I was very little, and I started reading the books when I was in third grade. This was my first and dearest fandom, and I feel that the movies came very close to recreating the world of the books and telling the story accurately.

Arwen's Rivendell farewell gown
And being a costumer, I naturally wanted to recreate some of the film's costumes, especially the elf gowns! I'd wanted to be Arwen since I was a little girl, and I used to make up stories where she was actually part of the Fellowship -- it was like Peter Jackson was reading my mind when he wrote the movies!

I sewed two faithful movie recreation costumes and one riff on an Arwen gown (the third I haven't added back to my new costume website yet). I made Arwen's Rivendell farewell gown that she wears in a brief scene in The Fellowship of the Ring and in a flashback scene in The Two Towers. I also made her super-goth mourning gown that she wears in The Two Towers.

Finally, today I'm wearing a little bit of Arwen jewelry. My dear husband gave me both the Arwen ring and brooch (from The Noble Collection) around the time the movies came out, knowing what a huge Lord of the Rings fan I am.

What I'm wearing:
Black lace jacket, Macy's | Black T-shirt, NY & Company | Plum satin skirt, Newport News, gift from Lisa | Black tights, Calvin Klein | Black ribbon-tie pumps, Clarks | Arwen butterfly brooch, gift from my husband | Arwen butterfly ring, gift from my husband | Silver filigree earrings, Target

Need to get the stone replaced in this ring!

 Movie Monday


  1. Ooooh, all of it is lovely, but that mourning gown is STRIKING! I'm having a fair share of envy over it. The jewelry is great, too. It's so nice sometimes in our boring, regular lives to wear a piece of whimsy or fantasy just for us to know. Gives the day a little kick, doesn't it?

  2. Ohhh, Trystan! How very, very beautiful! I am stunned by these costumes!
    Your post mirrors exactly what I wanted Movie Monday to be: a challenge to re-create our fantasies or at least be inspired by them.
    I feel honored by your participation!
    Thank you so much for this great post!

  3. The costumes are both so beautiful. Your skills are amazing, as is your taste. :) You managed to find the perfect fabrics, which couldn't have been easy for the Rivendell gown. Nicely done!

    The "everyday" look captures just the right amount of romance and femininity to do the jewelry justice (I'm so in love with that jacket!).

  4. Traicetrak - Exactly, a little whimsy really helps keep the workday brighter.

    Sal Kaye - Aww, thanks! It just took me a while to figure out what I could post to contribute to your theme. I hope I can do another one :-)

    VictorianKitty - It was pure luck that I found the Rivendell gown's fabrics at the flea market, of all places!

  5. Oh those are so beautiful! I adore the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the costuming that was done for it. The costuming, sets and general world creation for those movies was so detailed it seems like they really were in Middle Earth, mostly because they employed real craftspeople to make real objects rather than to make mostly non-functional props. Your sewing skills live up to the movie originals well, especially Arwen't mourning gown. Also, thankyou for posting a link to where the Arwen jewellery came from :3