Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Five: Laundry Day

1. Washing machine: Front-loader or top-loader?
We have a top loader, and even if it were to break down, I'm loath to get a front loader simply because I like the option of being able to dye fabric in my washing machine, & that's infinitely easier in a top loader!

2. Detergent: Liquid or powder?
Liquid because it doesn't clump up, which is especially noticeable on dark fabrics.

3. Rinse cycle: Fabric softener or another additive?
No fabric softener. I use a half cup of vinegar tho, because this helps rinse anything extra out of fabrics and prevents static cling in the dryer.

4. And then: Clothesline or dryer?
A very short dryer cycle on low to prolong the life of the clothes. I take them out a teeny bit damp and hang them or fold immediately.

5. Do you fold things straight off the line or out of the dryer? What do you iron (or have someone iron for you)?
Always fold or hang as soon as possible to prevent wrinkles. But there's always a few things that will wrinkle no matter what -- or things that get wrinkly as they're stored. So I iron those. And my husband doesn't believe in ironing, so if I want to go out with him in pressed clothes, I have to iron them *sigh*.

Speaking of laundry, this article on the "myth of dry cleaning" is fascinating & incredibly educational! You may never look at a clothing care tag the same way again.

Questions culled from The Friday Five on LiveJournal.

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