Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Not feeling colorful today, & I wanted to embrace my gothiness! Oddly coincidental that, when I got to work & logged onto the computer, I saw that Already Pretty posted about "being intentional with black." Hee. Some of us are always intentional with black! Us goth gals have to work to be intentional with color (see: Gothic Color Theory).

What I'm wearing today:
Black cotton Victorian blouse, custom-made by my friend Donna
Grey corduroy straight skirt, Newport News
Black & grey printed silk scarf, Libertine for Target
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black leather knee-high boots, Clarks
Pearl, cameo, & silver charm necklace, made by me
Sparkly dangly earrings, random accessory store
Black & grey flower hair pins, random accessory store

This blouse was originally made as part of a Victorian tea outfit, but I see no reason to relegate it to my costume closet. I'd wear the velvet jacket from that outfit on an everyday basis too, except it requires corseting for the front to close. Tho' I could wear it open, & that might look snazzy with black jeans... hmm... should try it.

I love this scarf but hardly ever wear it because it's one of those skinny little ones that seems hard to style. Plus, being light silk, it flutters around & can be annoying. Glad I finally thought of using it as a belt, even tho' that means you can't see the awesome print of skulls, crows, books, & hardware as well. It's an impression, I guess.

And finally, the Clarks boots, still fantastic. Now worn with socks for even better super wonderfulness. I *will* walk miles in these.


  1. I love the scarf detail. I totally agree with you about clarks boots. You can walk and walk, and you still feel confortable. I had enjoy lovely shopping days with my clarks boots :).

    Great post, as always :*.

    Madame Macabre.

  2. Hello =) I really enjoy your photos and have tagged you for a Stylish Blogger Award on my blog.

  3. Hahaha. I suppose a goth take on being intentional with black would be a little more liberal!

  4. What a cool outfit! Love the scarf, and that shirt is so awesome.

  5. I love seeing costume items being used as part of a regular outfit. It's different, but it still fits into the mundane world.

  6. oh my goodness ... i love all the textures that u put together in this outfit! the scarf is definitely the icing on the cake! u look fierce trystan! xoxo!

  7. Oh my gosh yes!!! Wear that jacket with jeans. :)

  8. Madame Macabre - Clarks FTW!

    ultimategothguide - Thank you for the award, that's awfully kind :-)

    Judy C - Thanks!

    Sal - Heh, I do try to tie colors thruout an outfit when I add colors to black. So your tips apply, just in reverse.

    Sheila - Isn't that scarf cool? Too neat to sit in a drawer.

    Laurie Brown - I should have gotten a closeup of the neck, there's so much lovely lace on that blouse. So glad to have it in my wardrobe :-)

    lovleanjel - Thanks!

    BBM - I do love textures! Thanks!

    cutienik - I will have to try out that jacket soon :-)

  9. Kendra - Thanks! Happy I finally figured out a way to wear it. Oh, I could also use it as a headband...