Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week From Heck

No, I'm not bowlderizing myself, because I've had Weeks From Hell. This one was bad, but not quite that bad. Our boy tabby cat has been ill & needs a pill every morning, which has made it really hard to squeeze in time for a photo. And then I've had cluster migraines every day since last Friday, & I've had to miss work because nothing is touching the pain. Just today, I started a new medication, so fingers are crossed that this may help.

Due to these stressors, I've had precious little energy & time to blog my outfits, &, well, most of my outfits have kind of sucked too. Hence, here are the only two that made it on camera...

What I wore Tuesday:
Burgundy velvet Victorian jacket, made by my friend Donna
Black long-sleeve T-shirt, Old Navy
Black jeans, Levis
Pointy black boots with buckles & kitten heels, Baker's
Two pearl & silvertone necklaces, Aldo
Black w/pink gem Victorian-esque earrings, random accessory store
Dark burgundy lipstick, Chanel Vamp

The jacket goes with the Victorian tea outfit that the blouse I wore last week is also part of. The velvet was leftover from making my wedding gown (yes, I save every scrap). I bought the pearls thinking they'd be ideal with an Elizabethan gown, but I've yet to make one with silver trim, so I keep wearing these necklaces in my everyday wardrobe.

And the jeans were a successful result of my quest for black jeans. Levis 512 petites. A little bit of stretch, the perfect length for this 5'2" gal, & the sizes fit my curves. There's even sparkly black beading on the back pockets (we likes the bling).

What I wore Thursday:
Burgundy corduroy blazer, Kohl's (previously worn here)
Black silk sheath dress, Target (previously worn here)
Grey patterned tights, Calvin Klein
Black Indigo pumps, Clarks
Silver chunky bead necklace, Target
Pewter key earrings, made by me
Dark burgundy lipstick, Chanel Vamp

I was interviewed by a university journalism student for a project on digital media today, so I wanted to wear something professional yet comfortable (because I've felt like crap all week). A jacket & a dress is a classic combo. This specific dress is particularly great because it's sleek & simple, & it's made an elegant sueded silk (lined too). The jacket is soft & a little slouchy, but it's still a jacket which always reads "professional." I like to make a good impression.

Then I went for a slightly less-traditional color combo (for a CorpGoth ;-) by adding the grey tights. Black would be obvious, but I really need to do laundry & am out of all my fave. CK black tights! But I forgot that I'd bought some patterned & textured CK tights during that Black Friday sale; they were lurking in the back of my tights drawer (yes, I have a whole drawer full of nothing but tights & 3/4ths of them are black). Instead of the tone-on-tone black pinstripe, I gave the grey a try. What a rebel, I know.

The brain, that's where the pain is.


  1. I LOVE both jackets! I hava myself a burgundy velvet jacket and I use it a lot. It looks so great with a black dress or black troussers. Very practical item, and elegant at the same time.

    I really hope you get better :).


    Madame Macabre.

  2. I had a bad week too :'( take a peek at it made me feel better.

  3. Beautiful color. But I have a problem walking in pointy toed shoes. I love them but I end up walking like Frankenstein.

  4. Madame Macabre - Yes, I clearly can't get enough burgundy jackets ;-)

    Julietslace - Cute Overload helps keep me sane!

    Judy C - I have big feet (size 8.5 wide) so pointy toes tend to stick out way past my actual toes. Doesn't cause any problem, but it kinda makes my feet look bigger. I don't mind tho.

  5. i spy an AWESOME necklace and im loving the rich color of that blazer! fab!

  6. BBM - Thanks! I'm in love w/silver necklaces, can't get enough of 'em (silver + burgundy + black = my uniform ;-).

  7. I have a corduroy jacket like that I just bought (black, tho, they were all out of my size in colors). It's so comfy.

    I hope the headaches fade away. Cluster headaches suck monkey balls.

  8. Both are gorgeous! I really like the grey tights -- they still read as goth to me, but it adds an interesting flavor to the outfit.

  9. Love the grey tights, and I agree, that they still look Goth.

    That Victorian tea jacket is simply gorgeous!

  10. Kendra & Shelia - Thanks for the validation! I felt so edgy in a weird way for not going w/my standard black (which reminds me, do laundry!).

  11. So sorry to hear about your cat, and the migraines. I have only had a true migraine once, and it was like any other pain. Hope you are feeling well soon. Loving the sheath dress (I am on a ruffle kick).

  12. was going to say, grey tights can be quite goth! (I do it all the time). But you're right, perhaps not so often seen in corp gear.

    Weeks from Heck can die in a fire. Seriously.

  13. Siouxsie - This week has already started off better *fingers crossed*.

    Mina - True nuff, grey is goth, but it was pairing it w/not just black that made me do a double-take ;-)

  14. Any chance that GORGEOUS burgundy velvet Victorian jacket was made from a pattern and not an original design? If it's from a pattern please please please share the pattern name and where to get it. I promise I'd never wear mine the same day you wear yours! ;-)

  15. Cathi - I remember that the jacket was heavily modified from a couple patterns, prob. by I took the sleeve from one pattern & put it on the bodice of another. I mocked it up, & Donna sewed it & made all the wonderful pleated trim.

  16. Thanks Trystan. That gives me something to work from....and maybe an excuse for more Truly Victorian patterns. LOL