Monday, January 31, 2011

Rosy Red Monday

I think things are looking up, but, being a bit of the MopeyGoth, I don't want to jinx it. So let's just say today has been decent for a Monday. Had a lovely weekend hanging out with my peeps in costume, & I feel both mentally & physically rejuvenated. Let's hope it lasts!

What I'm wearing:
Red turtleneck sweater, unknown brand
Black straight skirt, Gap, trimmed by me (details here, my first outfit on the blog)
Black tights, unknown brand
Red ankle boots, Aerosoles
Black leather belt with black velvet ribbon, made by me
Black beaded necklace, Target
Onyx & silver dangle earrings, bought in India
Red lipstick, Urban Decay "Gash"

I wanted this belt to work better, but the closure is hokey (there's a string tie hidden behind the bow), & the bow is not as stiff & flat as I'd wanted (kept flopping up on the left). Ah well, I was just trying to recycle random materials cluttering up my sewing room.


  1. Pretty! I like how the necklace breaks up the t-neck, which can sometimes lead to giant-expanse-of-bosom-itis.

  2. I love the color on you. And the skirt is great. Good outfit.

  3. The color is great! I want to scootch the belt up another inch or so.

  4. Kendra - Yep, chunky necklaces are esp. great for that.

    Judy - Thanks!

    LovleAnjel - I may just ditch the belt, it was so fussy all day. Ugh.

  5. I love what you did with that skirt - the trim looks amazing! You look lovely in that deep cerise red. I may also steal those boots.

  6. Shelia - Well, if you're off stealing these boots, I'll be stealing that purple skull sweater of yours!

  7. The color combination is beautiful, and how every item works with the rest. Very nice :).