Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cats 'n Stuff

I'm kind of hating the fuzziness of my daily photos recently. Been tweaking w/the camera settings to no avail -- the early morning light around my house is just flat & grey. Normally, I love that (hello, goth here, I really do want to live in a dark cave! the inside of my house is dark, dark, dark, & to have a little dark could sitting over my house is like heaven). But it kinda blows for getting crisp photos that show what I'm really wearing. Well, at some point, 7:30am in Silicon Valley will be blazes bright, & I'll be hating it, but the pictures will look gorgeous. Just you wait...

What I'm wearing:
Black ribbed turtleneck top, Style & Co.
White & black cat-print skirt, Phlirt on Etsy (previously worn here, with close-up of the fabric)
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black pointy double-buckle flat not-quite-boots, Aldo
Silver book locket on chunky chain, Forever 21
Silver filigree earrings, Target

Gothic elf boots!
By the end of the week (this is the end of my "dressing up for work week" since I work from home on Fridays), the makeup pocket of my purse is full of a half-dozen different lipstick tubes. It usually includes a few from the weekend & maybe one leftover from the previous week. But I know that the end of the week is nigh when I can count 5 or 6 lipsticks in there.

What's the end of your week like?


  1. Normally, I don´t wear prints, I don´t really like them much. But I really love your top, it´s so beautifull!! And your shoes are very original too! Lovely outfit :).


    Madame Macabre.

  2. Those shoes are awesome! It sounds nice not to have to slog through snow in the mornings. No need for crappy boots!

    I know it's the end of the weeks when I have to either clean off my desk or have an anxiety attack. I'm looking at a pile of grading about a foot high right now.

  3. Those shoes are killer!

  4. Madame Macabre - Prints are difficult. I adore stripes & plaids, but finding any other print that I like is tough. I *want* to like more prints, but I just don't see many!

    lovleanjel - I could never live with snow, I'm such a wimp. And grading, ugh! I was a TA in grad school & grading papers was such a nightmare. You have my sympathies on both counts :-)

    Sal - Thanks! Aldo is my weakness - their sales do me in.

  5. Oh, man, I love those boots. When you get tired of those, please tell me they are a size 9. :)

  6. Sheila - LOL, they're a large-ish 8.5 (euro sizing, I always forget which one I get at Aldo, but it's generous enough that I can put a gel insole inside). But they're mine!

  7. Love the shoes, and your blog!


  8. OMG those are awesome shoes! And I'm so comfy with my Docs (and don't like shoe shopping) that it is *very* rare for me to covet another person's shoes ;-)

  9. Awesome shoes! Very fantastic! I also really love that top - the striped pattern is just great.