Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Dress Two Ways

Call me lazy, but I decided to wear the same dress within three days. Hey, I only wore it for the afternoon on Saturday, & then I wore it layered today -- where's the crime? Besides, it shows diversity ;-) Let's start reverse-chronologically...

What I wore today:
Black knit dress, Target
Purple long-sleeve T-shirt, Target
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Purple lace-up boots, Roman's
Black elastic belt with silver flower, NY & Co.
Purple & hematite beaded choker, gift from a friend
Purple dangly earrings hand-painted with bats, made by a local artist
Silver & clear bead bracelet with ribbons, NY & Co.
Purple-brown shimmery lipstick, Victoria's Secret

Cozy outfit for a foggy & cool morning. I don't do a lot of layering under -- I tend to add sweaters & jackets over dresses. So this felt new for me. Also, as you might notice, this simple dress can be awfully cleavage-y for work, so it can't really go alone.

What I wore Sunday:
Black knit dress, Target
Black knit military-style jacket, Macy's
Black & white stripey leggings, American Apparel
Black socks, unknown brand
Black T-strap flats, Aldo
Elizabethan-style choker in faux gold, ruby, & pearls, eBay seller
Huge pearl-drop earrings, Forever 21
Huge red cut-glass ring, Forever 21

This was what I threw on after taking off my 1570s gown that I wore in a fashion show that afternoon. I left on the jewelry that went with the gown, just for the heck of it (& because, when I grabbed clothes that morning, I didn't pack anything else!). I'm wearing my less-obviously-modern eyeglasses, which I use with costumes. And my hair is randomly thrown atop my head, having just come out of an elaborate period 'do. Not the best look, but this is how my CasualGoth fashion ends up.

Last photo thanks to Sarah (of yet another fashion blog).


  1. Amazing, I never would have thought this was the same dress. Loving both looks, but especially the dress paired with the military-styled jacket.

  2. Both are fabulous! I have always layered OVER and am just now learning about layering UNDER -- I'm liking it, b/c you get to show off the dress more and it's more shapely without a cardigan/jacket hiding your figure (but you're still warm).

  3. Wonderful! I have a very similar dress and it is so usefull and elegant at the same time. And you can mix it with a lot of things from your wardrobe. You look great with the military jacket, I love this outfit :).

    Madame Macabre.

  4. You did purple. I love love purple. And yes the dress changes a lot with your different styling. But I still love purple.

  5. Both variations are truly fab. Amazing how different one dress can look depending on how you style it up!

  6. That first picture - OOOOOOO! That outfit looks fantastic! I would never have thought to layer like that.

  7. Ah... the fabulous little black knit dress of yours that I always compliment you on no matter what you're wearing it with! I swear, every time you wear it, it looks like a completely different dress. I wouldn't have realized it was the same dress as Sunday if you hadn't mentioned it.

    I have a similar currently lurking in my closet waiting to be worn. Sadly, the skirt is a tad too clingy and shows some of the less attractive parts of my physique off, but I'm probably being really harsh on myself. It's languished long enough! I will wear it today in your honor. ;)

  8. siouxsie - What I love about this plain little dress is that it can go so many different ways. Bonus, it's totally comfy!

    Kendra - I'm definitely taking your lead on layering under. You're right, it's more flattering, & gives more options.

    Madame Macabre - Thanks! That jacket was such a great find.

    Judy C - Heh, purple rules!

    Sal - "Little black dress" isn't only about cocktail hour ;-)

    LovleAnjel - Thanks!

    Sarah - Awww, thanks. It's such a simple dress, knit thing from Target, but I can throw it on any ol' day & way. You totally should pull that one out of your closet. Wear it w/leggings & your cool boots for starters :-)

  9. The dress is a great remixer item! You could do it in a wardrobe challenge easily.

    Love all your purples (purple granny boots? Get outta town!), and the jacket in the last picture.

    Okay, I just spent 1/2 an hour browsing your costumes! Holy smokes, lady, you are so talented!

  10. Shelia - Those boots are my proof that you have to be willing to shop anywhere; the catalog had tons of ugly stuff, except for those ;-) And thanks about the costumes. It's a crazy hobby that keeps me sane.

  11. The style is so nicely changed up that I think the fashion nazis won't say much either way. :] I love both outfits for different reasons.

  12. both looks are just great, but i love the way the second one takes really simple shapes and one basic color (black) to a whole 'nother level with a few well-chosen accessories/details.

    Happy Almost Friday! steph

  13. Steph - Thanks for the comment & a happy almost-Friday to you too :-)