Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CorpGoth Looks on Non-CorpGoths

We're not the only ones! I've spied some classic CorpGoth fashions on non-goth bloggers in the past months. Of course, their outfits look less gothy without that extra something special we'd add -- like black or candy-colored hair, more eyeliner, darker lipstick, different jewelry. But the clothing combinations practically scream "CorpGoth" to me. Here are some great examples...

E. of AcademiChic wore a stripey top, black skirt, & black lace tights layered over red tights. I'd bet that every goth gal has a top & skirt like that -- but the layered tights are inspiring!

Sal of Already Pretty wore a lavender (reads pink in the photo to me) leather blazer with a black tunic & a polka-dot skirt & tall black leather boots. I would wear every part of this outfit, as-is, in this outfit or mixed into my wardrobe.

Kasmira of What I Wore Today wore a ruffle-shoulder stripey sweater, black skirt, belt, blue booties, & tons of pearls. After seeing her post, I actually went to H&M to find this sweater & had a long debate with myself about whether or not I needed another stripey sweater (I have a couple, so I didn't buy it, & of course, now I wish I had).

Big Beautyful Mess has a number of gothable ensembles, but I particularly like this black & white top paired with a black pencil skirt & the oh-so-chick red gloves. How cool is that? Very!

Audi at Fashion for Nerds wears a lot of goth-friendly outfits (even tho' she doesn't wear a lot of black), so here's just some faves.  This punky skirt by Marc Jacobs is paired with a red top, black cardigan, & tall black boots, very sassy. Her relaxed suit is a stellar example of excellent proportion & subtle color gradations. And then a classic little sweater & print skirt ensemble, which has a retro-'50s feel & is easily doable in goth-style too.

These are just a few of my faves -- let me know if you've seen other great CorpGoth looks on non-goths in the fashion blogosphere!


  1. great stuff - besides there's a lot of us in the world who wouldn't consider ourselves goth, but certainly goth-influenced or goth-inspired quite a bit of the time =D so it doesn't surprise me at all!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Who knew I had an inner goth ...

  3. I love Audi's outfits! Her steampunk influences make for such an interesting wardrobe. Thanks for the rest of the links!