Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out With a Bang

I am so lucky to have fabulously skilled friends who I can barter things with. Like this dress -- I had the pattern but knew I'd never get around to sewing it for myself. Donna found the fabric & offered to sew it because she had the time. I received the result on Saturday. Thanks, hon!

What I'm wearing:
Pink, grey, & white retro print dress, made by Donna of Original Sin Designs
Black wool ruffled bolero sweater, Kohl's
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black pumps with silver buckle accent, Kenneth Cole
Silver chunky bead choker, Target
Sparkly dangle earrings, random accessory store
Giant faux-diamond cocktail ring, Icing
Pink & black flower hair pin, Icing

I've got a couple non-outfit posts scheduled for while I'm on vacay. And then, at some point, I hope to go nuts with a bunch of TropiGoth photos...


  1. Knee length wrap dresses, ftw. See you bright and early tomorrow morning!

  2. I really like the cut and shape of this dress on you. It's also a nice pop of color mixed with the darker shades in the print, perfect for those of us who wear 98% BLACK AS OUR SOULS.

  3. great fabric choice! that is so great you were able to get your friend to make it for you... I've got a few projects I wish I could pass along, haha.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Sarah - Aw yeah, it's a style that works! See ya soon.

    Michelle - Heh, sometimes color is ok :-)

    Lyddie - She's a great friend, & not just bec. she sews for me!

  5. That is an awesome print and a great shape.

  6. This is a beautiful dress - what a nice friend! You look like a gorgeous pin-up girl.

  7. This dress is magnificent. I mean, I know everyone posts glorious comments full of words like pretty, adorable, cute, etc. but WOW! This is a stunner. You said it's handmade? Do you remember the pattern maker and number?

  8. I was happy with how the dress turned out in my workroom, and overjoyed with how nice it looks on you. I second Sheila's comment, you DO look pinup-worthy. :D



  9. trystan! u definitely set the house on fire with this outfit. you look lovely and love to see you in jewel tones. ure hair is getting so long too!