Monday, February 7, 2011

PerkyGoth Goes Shopping

I had hoped to make it until March without buying more clothes. See, I have a couple trips coming up, so I wanted to save my pennies for those. After all, I did plenty of fashion shopping back around Black Friday & a little bit during Xmas sales. Not like I *needed* anything new...

But on Saturday, I went to the mall to buy a new cable at the Apple Store, & well, I ended up buying a ton of clothes & accessories. Fashion Math struck again! This is a theory that Sarah & I came up with -- small amounts spent on fashion don't seem to cost too much. You spend $30 on a belt & a necklace here, $40 on a couple tops there, lather, rinse, repeat throughout the mall, & while no single purchase was that big, by the end of the day, you've spent $300 on your wardrobe. But it's not like I bought one designer handbag! Fashion Math. Ugh.

More about the other stuff I bought later, since it was mostly casual wear & a ton of accessories. The one splurge was this totally PerkyGoth sweater that I could not resist. The necklace & ring are also new.

What I'm wearing today:
Black & pink stripey cardigan, INC for Macy's
Black T-shirt, Old Navy
Black straight skirt with button detail, Chadwicks
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black pumps with silver buckles, Kenneth Cole
Black beaded bib necklace, Torrid
Giant black roses ring, Icing

So how often do you shop for clothes? Do you tend to buy lots of little things or one big thing?


  1. That sweater is SO cute, and I MUST HAVE THAT RING!

  2. I'm glad there is a mathematical theory to describe this. Last time we went to the mall, I found the Ann Taylor clearance...and Old Navy's clearance...and sale running shoes at DSW...accessories at TJ Maxx...I try to keep every item below $10 (except shoes) but I can still rack up triple-digit spending. My husband was with me and he was flabbergasted watching it all add up.

    There is a master's thesis in there somewhere.

  3. Ooh, awesome buys! I love that necklace.

    I tend to buy bits here and there, never really big things.

  4. Kendra - Hah, finally I have a ring YOU want!

    LovleAnjel - Oh yes, it's the New Math.

    Sheila - I hardly ever buy one big thing (occasionally boots), but Fashion Math sure adds up.

  5. I love stripes :).

    Usually, I pick up a little thing from every shop: here a ring, here a top and here a pendant... If I see something that I fall in love with it and that I think it could be very practical, like a beautiful LBD or a jacket, I prefer to spend all the shopping money in just one thing but which I am really going to use better than a lot of things that are not so great. I think it depends on the "fashion of the moment". This winter there was a lot of dark romantic -like itemns, and I buy a lot of clothes. However, I think this spring is going to be VERY borring... :S

    By the way, you look great! :)


  6. Madame Macabre - Stripes are hard to resist ;-) I tend to buy more in fall/winter too, there's usually better gothy garb then, tho' it does depend. Some springs, fluttery ruffly things are in fashion & I'm very tempted!

  7. Oh yah...I do Fashion Math too, definitely. Sigh. I do like many things INC comes out with, lots is quite gothable.