Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Broke My Fast

As I mentioned, I didn't make it very long without shopping for clothes. I lasted through all of January, but then, bam, February came & there I went. Even before I hit the mall, I had done some online shopping.

I was thinking about casual clothes, as one does, specifically, how sloppy I dress when I'm not going into the office. Working from home, ok, sure, yoga pants & a black T-shirt, that's fine every so often. But my weekend wear is pretty sorry.

About five years ago, I did make the break from jeans & teenager-style T-shirts (mostly). I weeded out all the gothy band tees & cutesy saying tees. I even ditched most of the old travel T-shirts I'd collected. And out went of the freebie tech T-shirts from work & conferences, 'cept for one or two to sleep in ONLY.  I replaced all those with simple "grown-up" solid-color knit tops in short & long-sleeve varieties.

Of course, that felt boring. And the cutesy T-shirts crept back in, along with me just generally not giving a crap on weekends.

So, I'm on a renewed mission to stop looking like a slob on weekends, but also not look like a teenager, & that means I need a few things. Not a lot of stuff, just a few tops-that-aren't-T-shirts-but-aren't-dull. Because I can always wear leggings or the cute black jeans I stocked up on already. Plus, I wanted to do so on a budget -- can't go crazy given the attempt to not buy stuff in the first place.

Luckily, my faves Newport News & Target both had some deals. I found two white & black knit tops (pictured here) with a little romanti-goth flair in the clearance section of Newport News' site. These should go well with black jeans, maybe a cardigan (could be dressed up for work too).

Target had quite a few little knit dresses (similar to the black one I already have), so I got one in red. Good for layering with black, 'natch. Also picked up a black cotton tunic that should be spiffy with a belt & leggings &/or a skirt.

At the mall, I found a few more basics at Old Navy (one can never have enough black tees & camis), plus a couple scarves that could work for casual or work. New York & Co. had a few more solid-colored knit tops & these have froofy embellishments (buy one, get the other 50% off), so that's something less-than-boring.

But Express was where I got the gem -- this black & white stripey tee, which seems so simple, but is really an ideal CasualGoth look. On petite moi, it's rather long, almost a tunic, which instead of being a design flaw, makes it more flexible. I immediately wore it layered over a cami & with jeans, but I could see wearing it with leggings & belt & a maybe even a cardigan too.

And then I went kinda nuts on accessories. Perhaps it's because I've been catching up on the first few episodes of the latest "Ru-Paul's Drag Race" -- I bought a bunch of giant cocktail rings & flashy bib necklaces & flower hair pins. Plus a wide black corset belt. My inner diva is happy.

Got any casualwear style tips to share? What do you wear on the weekends?


  1. Yay, good shopping haul!

    My weekend wear, these days, is either a light version of what I'm wearing on weekdays if I'm going out, or PJs if I'm staying in!

  2. I always have envied the cross dressers their wardrobes and having the nerve to wear them.

  3. Drag queens have long been a fashion inspiration for me!

  4. much depends on how well I feel and whether I'm working. Farmers market trip saturday mornings involve dressing for the weather. Either tunic over leggings & longsocks, coat, mittens, etc, or jeans & layered shirts with coat, mittens, etc, til the weather warms up and I might switch to leggings & Duro-type dresses. If it's a working/deadline weekend, the usual tshirt/leggings/bloomers kit. If going out friday or saturday, obviously, dressed to the nines. ;)



  5. Kendra - My weekday & weekend wear is so schizophrenic!

    Judy C - I *big puffy heart* drag queens. I want to be one when I grow up ;-)

    Laurie - Me too!

    Angldst - Ooo, duro dresses! I have one, should get / make more.

  6. Ok, pick 3 fabrics (cottons work well, here) that complement each other, usually 2 prints and one solid or one that will read as a solid, and email me and I'll tell you yardages you need to buy & send to me so I can make you one. :)

    I have the pattern I used for my "Duros" in your size, so I can hook you up.

  7. angldst - I'll work on it! maybe novelty prints...

  8. Oh, Express is awesome for casual stuff! I wish Newport News had actual stores to try stuff on before buying it, tho.

    I have a jeans-tshirt-hoodie uniform on days off. I put a bit of effort into my work wardrobe and I fall into slackerville at the first chance. I have been weeding out the concert man-shirts, at least. Should not wear the same top as hubby.

  9. LovleAnjel - LOL, yes, I have caught myself wearing the same shirt as hubby!