Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goth Challenge #2 - Flashback Pix!

#2: Share photos and experiences from your BabyBat days.

(Continuing the Goth Challenge questions -- follow the tag below to see all.)  Hard to say when I was a true BabyBat, but considering I'm in my 40s now, I think any time pre-25 is "BabyBat" territory. At least that's how I look on other people (yeah, I'm crotchety that way ;-). Here's a little wacky trip thru the time machine...

I had to really hunt for photos because Back in My Day, kids didn't have tiny cameras in their pocket (aka camera phones). The first pic is from my high school yearbook, and the second is obviously my formal prom pic (don't ask me about the guy!). In later years, if I had a camera and remembered to take photos at a party, I took them of other people (I still tend to do that).

1986, on yearbook staff, apparently filing while wearing sunglasses
(much like wearing sunglasses at night). Pink vintage Chinese coat. Big hair.

1987. Senior prom. I specifically wanted a dress like nobody else would wear.
Which I achieved.
1988. Working at a second-hand clothing store in Berkeley, during college.
Started shaving half my head & would continue thru most of college.

1988-89ish. "I'm not a mod, I'm not a rocker, I'm a mocker."
Bonus points if you can ID that quote.

1990. My college sorority's colors were pink & white, so I dyed pink streaks into my hair.
Gotta show spirit!

Funny, but looking back, some essential stylistic elements have not changed. I cannot resist wearing black + other bright color (like hot pink or a pattern such as stripes). I freakin' adore necklaces & hoop earrings. I'm, ehem, still fond of some height in my hair, & flat hair is the bane of my existence, even if I don't go to the extremes as I once did. I'm still a big fan of matchy-matchy (not shown in my prom picture: matching gold lame vintage purse & you prob. can't tell that all the rhinestone jewelry is *gold* rhinestones, down to the shoe clips & there's gold glitter in my hair). The more things change, the more they stay the same.


  1. Priceless! :-D Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and those glasses in the last photo; I had the same ones in college, 1991-1995.

  2. I LOVE your prom dress. Especially the gloves. So great!

  3. I remember them all! So grateful to have been there AND still be here. Miss you!

  4. Didn't Ringo Starr say something about being a mocker in one of A Hard Day's Night's "interview" scenes when asked if he was a mod or a rocker? It's been ages since I saw that film, but I'm almost certain that it was in there ...

  5. Love your hair circa 1988 - I've always been a fan of partially shaved heads :)

  6. sigh ... ah, the 80s. Now you have me all nostalgic! You look absolutely fabulous and definitely someone I would hang with. Like you I was artsy, punky, and very involved with school -- swim team, art club. SING (theater competition),a zillion clubs, etc.

    This is so awesome. I really love your prom dress! :) So cool. Thanks for sharing!

  7. LOVE these photos!!! Especially the Prom! YAY! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. VictorianKitty - Weren't those the best glasses! Mine broke shortly after college tho. - Pretty hard to find gold lame gloves too, hah.

    squeezelisa - Good times! Miss you too :-)

    Photographer Leia - Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. You got it, Ringo in "Hard Day's Night"!

  9. Julietslace - Thanks, & thanks for the challenge questons.

    Maggie - Shaving my head for a while was fun. Felt awesome in summer.

    Le Professeur Gothique - Children of the '80s, unite!

    GothBarbie - Thanks.

    LovleAnjel - Aww, you're too kind.

  10. These are great! I wish my babybat photos (what few there are) were like this. I'm also a child of the 80s, but being in a tiny town I didn't have access to cool clothes. Reminds me of things I pined over in magazines! :)

  11. Mary - I did a lot of thrift-shopping & making my own stuff! That was when I started sewing & DIYing bec. I just didn't have any money :-)