Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ask This CorpGoth - New Feature!

Please send a question!
Hello there, all my fabulous readers! In the upcoming year, I'd like to start a new feature on my blog, if you are interested. I'd like to write about common (& specific) issues that goths & other artsy, subculture, less-than-mainstream types have when it comes to fashion in the workplace. I have a few ideas, but I'd really love to answer your questions a la an advice column.

So I'm inviting you to start now & send your questions to me at

What can you ask? Just about anything even tangentially related to fashion & work!

For example ... What goths could wear (or shouldn't wear) on an interview. Recommendations for work-appropriate but steampunk-inspired winter coats. Are PVC, leather, fishnets, or lace ever appropriate at the office? Recommendations for classy skull-themed jewelry (that doesn't break the bank). What industries don't care about obvious tattoos & piercings & in what workplaces should you cover them up? How can I wear vintage clothes to work without looking too costumey? Recommendations for plus-size goth & artsy work attire. Tips for buying a classic black suit. Will stilettos, platforms, & buckle boots impact your chances of a promotion?  How can you keep black clothes dark, wash after wash? Decorating your office/cubicle/desk, CorpGoth style. What are some good, long-lasting black eyeliners? Is blue hair OK outside tech support jobs? How much of your non-work life can you share with your coworkers without negatively impacting your career? What's the best way to care for vintage clothes?

That's just my brainstorm -- let me know if any of it is appealing. But I want your ideas even more. So start emailing me or post your questions in the comments below!


  1. yes, to all those. I struggle with wearing work attire and still coming across as "goth." Some days, I think I'm a poseur.

  2. I'd love for you to write about all of those! I'll second velvet cat, trying to toe the line between looking work-appropriate but still "goth enough".

  3. Velvet Cat - Thanks, that's a good point!

    LovleAnjel - Awesome, thanks!

  4. Do you have children? If so, I'd love to read some advice about being a parent and a goth. While I am not a mother (yet) I have heard from some of my gothy friends who have children that keeping up your style fashionwise and interestwise can be terribly difficult. Perhaps this subject may be of help to many gothic Moms and Dads out there that struggle in this way. :)

  5. I don't have kids, but I have friends who do & it's a great topic for research or even a guest blogger! Thanks.