Monday, December 12, 2011

Got That Vintage Feeling

And yet only the shoes are vintage, & probably just 1980s 'vintage,' which doesn't really count as vintage to me because I was fully alive, functional, & fashionable then. I only consider it 'vintage' if the era was before my time, but not 50 years before my time (then it's historical, because that's how I roll).

The dress is a modern pattern but it feels retro to me with its nipped in waist & little puffed sleeves. My dear friend Donna picked out the definitely retro '60 print fabric. I wouldn't have gone for this print on my own, but she has a great eye, & I adore the resulting dress. I wore it over the summer & when I received it last winter & maybe a few times unblogged in between.

What I'm wearing:
Pink & grey print dress, made by Donna
Black puff-sleeve sweater, H&M
Black elastic belt, NY & Company
Black tights, Calvin Klein
Black two-strap pumps, Bandolino, vintage
Pink & copper shield pendant necklace, made by a local artist
Pearl & garnet earrings, bought at Costume-Con
Pearl stud earrings, gift from my step-father
Pink & black flower hair pin, Icing


  1. the shoes and the necklace are amazing!

  2. oooo, very pretty. I love the belt! That print is just gorgeous, as is the necklace.

  3. I'm with you -- it can't be vintage if I remember it! I'm going with "remember" rather than "lived" because I was a child of the 70s but too young to remember most of it.

    That outfit is gorgeous! I think it's only the puffed sleeves that look a bit eighties, and as usual I want to steal your shoes.