Monday, August 27, 2012

Repeat, but a New Ring

I needed majorly easy clothes & comfort today, for health reasons. So this knit dress & leggings fit the bill. I almost didn't bother blogging, but I did want to share a new purchase -- the tiny pinkie ring I bought this weekend from a friend & fantastic jeweler in the SCA. The ring is a reproduction medieval piece, one of her classic & most popular styles, which I've wanted to get for a long time. It's a happy reminder of my friends & my hobby, plus it looks really pretty next to my amethyst engagement ring.

What I'm wearing:
Purple knit dress with attached dark purple sash, Target | Black leggings, Newport News | Black ruffled bolero sweater, Kohl's | Black embellished flats, unknown brand | Black & purple necklace with scissors medallion, made by Lisa | Gunmetal hoop earrings, random accessory store | Silver & amethyst medieval ring, Acanthusleaf Designs

Unrelated to CorpGoth fashion, but perhaps of slight interest, I just started a virtual garage sale & fundraiser for a renaissance event I'm running later this year. I'm selling several Elizabethan gowns, some 16th-century purses & accessories, historical sewing tools, & costume reference books. Take a look here at the goods!


  1. Health reasons? I hope you're feeling ok! You look gorgeously beautiful -- comfy, cool, and put together. Good grief darling, you make me want to grown my bangs out ever time I see how beautiful your face looks framed by your waves of hair! So dreamy. And that ring is awesome.

    Good luck with the virtual garage sale -- I'll pass it along to my SCA, reenactment ladies.

  2. I have a chronic stomach issue, so soft clothes are mandatory sometimes. Luckily, I've found a lot of pretty things that work :) Thanks about the hair -- it's funny, my hair is s'thing I struggle with. When it does look good, I think it's a miracle, lol!

  3. Thanks! I absolutely love Acanthusleaf's work & have a few of her pieces.

  4. Aw, that's not good! Here's hoping that you are feeling much, much better. I think your hair is always beautiful. I love the waves and the way it frames your face. Sure it may be a struggle, but boy oh boy! you tame it wonderfully.